14/5 – 24/5/2015:
Year-end Ceremony
School year 2014-2015

Seminar “Nurturing Respect In Your Child”

Khai giảng Khóa Hè VAS – Toàn hệ thống


Education Programs

Parents Corner

A corner for sharing useful information, experience about living values, life skills techniques, psychological healthcare, etc. in order to be a companion with parents to help their children develop and grow up.


Sex Education: “Teaching the cat to meow in a right way”

Our stories

  • Ms. Ho Thi Mai Khanh

    Ms. Ho Thi Mai Khanh

    Once, Hoang Van Thu campus organized for student to make and send New Year greetings cards to relatives on occasion of Tet holiday. While making cards, a girl asked me 1 more piece of board to make card with the reason that she painted wrong. The next day she asked again a new envelope because yesterday she wrote the wrong address...

  • Dao Nguyen Bao Ngoc

    Dao Nguyen Bao Ngoc

    My favorite subject is literature. Every time I write my compositions, I have a feeling that the whole world were under my pen, and it had been waiting to be written down. Our class is always excited about how our teachers inspire us with the suggested images or ways to use figurative language such as simile or personalization....

  • Mr. Tran Huu Thuan

    Mr. Tran Huu Thuan

    After getting this recommendation, I myself had searched for more information, considered all aspects, and compared with other schools. In the end, I decided to choose VAS. Since then, I have still been confident that I have made a right choice. There have been a lot of factors leading to my complete satisfaction about VAS...

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