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7 Core Values

To prepare students with a strong foundation through comprehensive development, and help them pursue a lifelong-learning journey, VAS focuses on forming, developing and nurturing 7 Core Values for students.

Through the Core Values Education Programme, VAS helps students discover and form meaningful connections between personal aspirations and ambitions with national values as well as global values, thereby helping children understand themselves and develop positive personal qualities, serving as a guide for their social behavior.

7 Core <span style="color:#B51F1F">Values</span>
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VAS Greeneration

With the goal of spreading inspiration for green living, increasing social responsibility, and raising awareness of environmental protection and nature conservation, projects to nurture the VAS Greeneration always receive the response and companionship of a large number of students, parents, and teachers inside and outside VAS.

  • VAS 3Rs - Reducing, Recycling, Reusing waste project at school.
  • Community Programme - Students share community responsibility through practical volunteer projects.
  • VAS Talks - Inspirational sharing series.
  • VAS Green Day Run - Running program to raise funds to plant trees for Can Gio Mangrove Forest.

Happy School

To build a happy school, starting in the 2023–2024 school year, VAS will synchronously implement the "Wellbeing Health Education Programme" for all students in grades 1–12 to help children understand the close connection between health aspects and a person's health and wellbeing, and to recognize the importance of health and wellbeing for success in study and life.

4 Pillars of Wellbeing