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Dear VAS parents,

It is with great pleasure to write to you as the new CEO of VAS and to join this extraordinary school community from October 2022. My first impressions of the students, parents, staff and management teams have me truly excited to be a part of the VAS community. I can already tell that it is a unique and special place that I am honored to become a part of what promises to be a very bright future for all.

My journey in education has spanned the past 30 years as a teacher, principal, and head of school around the world. Having moved to Asia in 2000, I have served in leadership roles at Shanghai American School, NIST International School, The International School of Beijing, and most recently in the Jakarta Intercultural School. I have served on the Council of International Schools (CIS) board, the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) board as well as the American Chamber of Commerce board in Jakarta.

As an educator who has experienced and observed the changing needs of society and education for more than 30 years, I firmly believe that education is not just the amount of information that is put into a child’s brain. It must address the individual needs of our students and the expectations of the world we live in today and tomorrow.

Therefore, it is the school’s duty to provide a platform where every student can achieve their full potential, take initiative and navigate their own future. With that in mind, my goal at VAS to ensure a high quality, student-centred, open and challenging education environment where children are empowered to excel and become the best of themselves, lifelong learners, and the productive members of the society.

I am eager to continue the legacy of success established at VAS and to make decisions that focus on our students, teaching and learning, and our community’s well-being by building strong relationships with parents, teachers and staff. I believe the best interests of our children can only be achieved when the school and the families work together, and I highly appreciate your involvement and support in our education activities.

I look forward to meeting you soon in the coming events of VAS and wish you all the best!

Tarek Razik

signature VAS Chief Executive Officer