Standardized Facilities

Modern Facilities

Classrooms, functional rooms such as Music rooms, Art rooms, Studios, Gyms and laboratories are designed specifically to suit students and are equipped with high-end professional teaching aids and laboratory equipment. Students are allowed access to the library, Multimedia labs and computer rooms, which have high-speed Internet connection (ADSL).

Standardized Design and Construction

The school campuses strictly comply with regulations on safety, fire prevention and optimal ventilation in classrooms and around the school and safe playground.

Hygiene Procedures by
International Standards

Classrooms, canteens, playgrounds and restrooms are always kept clean and disinfected according to international standards and procedures.

Convenient Drop Off and Pick Up

The campuses of VAS are located in the central districts, making it convenient and time-saving for parents to take their children. In addition, VAS organizes a professional school bus service for students to support parents with an efficient and safe means of transportation.