English Speaking Environment

At VAS, students have been offered a good condition to use English inside and outside of their classrooms and in extra-curricular activities, playgrounds and internally organized competitions. With these abundant and diverse activities, they have more chance to acquire and practice English in terms of their ages and education levels.

English Speaking Clubs

All VAS campuses have their English-speaking clubs for all grade levels. Students participate in the discussions whose topics are closely related to their school activities, neighborhood, families and surrounding environment. In addition, a special program, which is called "I can speak English", is held monthly at VAS. Representatives from each club will present their group's topic and answer questions from the audience.

VAS English Speaking Contest

This is an annual internal competition organized for all students from Primary to Secondary levels at all VAS campuses. The students join the competition at the campus level first. The winners of campus competitions then have chance to show off and get awards at the final round of the whole system. With a variety of topics familiar with the school activities and professional preparation, the competition has attracted hundreds of excellent contestants each year.

English Speaking Rules For Students

Teachers (local and expat teachers of English) only use English language when they meet students inside and outside of their classes. They encourage and remind students of speaking English when students speak Vietnamese. In addition, teachers give students bonus scores if they perform well above the school requirements (teachers will work with their students about the criteria and how students get bonus scores)

Other Activities

In the school year 2016-2017, along with the parents, VAS will build up a good English environment for students to use English at home. Each student will be sent a "Home Report" card, which clearly indicates the days of the week he/she has to use English at home, parents then would confirm which day he/she does a good job at home, for example, speaking English with relatives, reading English newspapers, and watching English channels on TV…

Extra-curricular activities such as music, sports, culinary, entertainment, festivals ... at VAS are mostly written and used in both English and Vietnamese with an aim to help students foster their vocabulary and practice their English. In addition, VAS also regularly organizes English writing competitions at the campus and system levels such as VAS Book Writing Contest, Newsletter Writing Contest… to help the students to practice writing skills.