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A day of active experience at Suoi Tien theme park

In March 2024, VASers had the opportunity to participate in exciting and different events at Suoi Tien Theme Park, a tourist destination linked with many generations' childhoods.

They participated in a variety of thrilling activities, including:

  • Visiting a farm based on the Japanese high-tech model at Suoi Tien Farm. Experiencing fruit picking at the fruit garden and letting the sheep graze at the Sheep Farm.

  • Joining the "making Tò He" activity to learn about the traditional art of "Tò He", creating own works, and meeting artisans.

  • Taking part in the "Green Class" program, which includes a class on tree planting and the use of coconuts to manufacture ecologically friendly green products, as well as group activities to cultivate coconut trees using environmentally friendly items.

  • Immersing in the world of continuous games at sports facilities, where students can freely enjoy incredibly intriguing games such as slides, ball houses, swings, and so on.

  • Swimming in the Tien Dong Beach and playing water games.

Students got out of the classroom and into nature on this immersive excursion, which allowed them to explore and enjoy a wide variety of fun activities. Not only that, but the trip also allowed them to spend quality time with their teachers and friends, creating lasting memories in the process. Simultaneously, the field trip helps children's bonding, team building, and creative thinking.

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