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Education-Psychology Specialized Seminar: Access to An Education of Unparalleled Excellence

Children in modern society are exposed to information technology at a young age and acquire creative thinking skills. This also lays the groundwork for children to form positive habits for themselves, improve their ability to absorb and learn, and grow into confident and talented individuals in the future.

On January 20, VAS hosted a psychology topic "From self-management to confidence: Helping children manage emotions, patience, and self-discipline" that was presented by Doctor Vu Phi Yen, PhD. a psychology expert with 15 years of medical experience and 12 years of teaching psychology. "Children are a reflection of their parents" is one of the themes VAS seeks to express to parents: Be the most powerful source of inspiration and support for children who want to study and progress. In addition, the sharing session included important advice and instructions for parents to help their children learn how to properly self-manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The VAS Academic Board also offers information about the Cambridge Academic Programme International (CAPI) to parents at the seminar. Parents are able to learn more about VAS's International Education pathways, Wellbeing Education Programme, Career Counseling and University Preparation programme. This is also an opportunity for children to begin receiving high-quality education at a young age and develop the skills required to become global citizens! 

In addition, VAS is honored to recognize exceptional and distinguished VASers who have achieved outstanding results in both international and domestic competition. VAS is confident that we are the bilingual school that offers the most exciting and excellent playgrounds for students through talent and athletic competitions, as well as stimulating creative thinking and inspiring compassion that each individual possesses.

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