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Gome - Otto Report Project and The Implementation of A Green Lifestyle at VAS

In December 2023, the "VAS Community 2023-2024" Series A competition was formally launched across the VAS system, with 20 project groups from six campuses participating.

Among these, the GoMe - Otto Report Project from the Ba Thang Hai campus is one of the three most amazing initiatives that have won VAS funding worth 16,000,000 VND.

When questioned about the project's purpose, the two students Dao Hieu Phong and Ngo Nguyen Diem Hang from class 12.B5 expressed their desire to promote a sustainable lifestyle and increase knowledge of environmental protection throughout the VAS community. They have decided to implement the scientific research project "Sort-Omate" in July 2023, under the guidance of Mr. Lam Hong Ngoc, a Biology teacher. The project aims to classify waste at source using AI technology and smart trash bins in school and office environments.

After two months of self-study and research on programming, electronic components, microcontroller testing, and open-source AI models, the team started constructing the initial Otto model using cardboard, a chip, and an ultrasonic sensor. After overcoming many challenges and sleepless nights, the team conducted hundreds of experiments and successfully developed the Otto model, capable of autonomously opening bins and sorting basic waste.

Continuing their efforts, they have developed and enhanced three iterations of the model to cater to various users.

  • Version 1: Otto operates on electricity and is appropriate for indoor use in places like homes, workplaces, and schools where there are electrical outlets nearby.
  • Version 2: Otto operates on batteries and is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use as a garbage can.
  • Version 3: Otto utilizes a solar battery/charger. 

Each of the three versions is equipped with motion sensors, automatically enters a low-power state to conserve energy, saves data before entering this state, and is capable of self-recovery from faults during operation.

The current model can operate autonomously for extended durations and is undergoing testing at the Ba Thang Hai campus. Soon, Otto will be implemented over the entire system.

The project is also honored to achieve the following achievements:

  • Second place at the school-level Science and Technology Research Contest
  • Participate in the District 10 Innovation Festival
  • Participate in the interview round of the City-level Science and Technology Research Contest
  • Into the project selection round to participate in the National Science and Technology Research Contest for High School Students in the 2023 - 2024 school year

We appreciate the GoMe - Otto Report initiative for sharing with the VAS community this important message about living a green lifestyle. VAS hopes that the project will achieve even greater success thanks to the positive values you have fostered in the community!

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