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I CAN DO IT - A project to share the love of Kindergarten students at VAS Ba Thang Hai campus

Over the past month, all teachers and students from Ba Thang Hai Kindergarten have participated in the project called "I Can Do It".

The activity aimed to encourage students to be brave and confident when singing and performing in English in public, while helping them develop shaping skills, aesthetics, creativity, and, more importantly, fostering their kindness and teaching them to share joy and happiness.

Throughout this activity, with the enthusiastic support from our teachers, our little artists have created unique products by decorating canvas bags and T-shirts. Our students were also very excited to practice their music performances for the closing ceremony of the project. With great support and companionship from parents, the event was successfully held and left a beautiful impression on everyone's heart.

The funds from this activity will be used to fund charitable initiatives, aid underprivileged children facing difficult circumstances, and support the construction of bridges in remote areas. VAS sincerely appreciates the companionship and support of parents, students, and teachers and looks forward to continued participation in upcoming meaningful activities!

Let's watch the lovely moments of the kindergarten students at this "I Can Do It" event!

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