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Join VAS’s ‘Career Talk’ for parents: Helping your child secure admission to their dream university

Nowadays, we not only provide career guidance to high school students, but also parents need career counseling to be able to understand and accompany their children on the journey to choosing the right career and dream university.

That is why the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) organized the “Career Talk” seminar series in March and May 2024. The series covered various specialized topics tailored for different audiences, including grade 11 students, grade 9-12 students, and parents.

Workshop "Career Talk: Choosing a destination" and "26 Universities Festival" for grade 11 students at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) in March 2024.
Workshop "Career Talk: Choosing a destination" and "26 Universities Festival" for grade 11 students at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) in March 2024.

After the success of the ‘Career Talk’ seminar series for grade 11 students in March 2024, on May 11th and May 18th, VAS continues to organize two workshops for parents and students in grades 9 – 12, a crucial period for families to decide on their children’s choice of major and university.

The program, open to both VAS and non-VAS parents and students, aims to provide practical and up-to-date information from experts, helping parents and students better understand industry trends and current university options. This enables them to make the most appropriate decisions for their children.

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The seminar on May 11 with the theme “Accompanying your child to conquer the desired career and university” brings three in-depth contents: Popular majors today; information on suitable universities and scholarship opportunities in countries such as the US – Canada, Australia – New Zealand, UK – European countries; and finally, advice to increase the competitive advantage of the study abroad application file.

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Topics shared by experts at the “Career Talk” seminar on May 11 at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS)

After the event, parents and students can register for direct one-on-one consultation with experts to receive in-depth advice on the majors and study abroad programs that the family is interested in.

On May 18, VAS continues to organize an online seminar on “Exploring Student Life” with real-life experiences from former VAS students who are currently studying abroad or have graduated from prestigious universities, to help parents and students have more information to make decisions.

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Before that, in March 2025, VAS successfully organized two “Career Talk” seminars for grade 11 students, to support them in identifying and choosing the right major and university, the necessary information to apply and apply for scholarships.

“Career Talk” for students and parents is a series of seminars organized for the first time at VAS in the school year 2023-2024, belonging to the University and Career Counseling Center (UCCC) of the school.

Sharing the reason why VAS organizes this series of events, Mr. Quan Minh Dung, Head of UCCC , said that as the person in charge of and directly counseling career guidance for VAS students for many years, he has received many questions from parents saying that they do not understand about the majors that their children are passionate about, nor keep up with the changes in current career trends. Therefore, although they want to support their children, there is no common voice between parents and children. Knowing about VAS’s UCCC , many parents want to be counseled by the school so that they can accompany their children in the right way.

Mr. Quan Minh Dung, Head of the Career Counseling and University Preparation Center (UCCC) at VASMr. Quan Minh Dung, Head of the Career Counseling and University Preparation Center (UCCC) at VAS

“After being advised by the school, many parents have understood better about their children’s career inclinations, strengths and passions, so parents feel more secure and supportive of their children’s decisions. Therefore, this year VAS decided to expand the career counseling program for both VAS and non-VAS parents to support parents to have more information to accompany their children on the journey to orient their future,” Mr. Dung shared.

The UCCC at VAS: Career guidance is necessary for students from grade 8

The UCCC at VAS is for students in grades 8-12, helping students explore themselves, learn about careers, and thereby have a specific plan to choose the right school and major according to their aspirations. The program is designed with 3 stages to ensure that all students receive the necessary career counseling before graduating from grade 12.

Stage 1 entering grade 8, when students complete their Cambridge secondary school and need to choose subjects for the Cambridge IGCSE International General Secondary Education program. This stage helps them explore themselves, know who they are and what personality group they belong to, which is suitable for which career.

Stage 2 entering grades 9-10, students receive one-on-one counseling with experts to identify their majors, choose appropriate subjects in the AS/A Level program, and develop a specific plan for grades 11-12.

Stage 3, students receive in-depth counseling on applying and receiving scholarships to their desired universities.

The UCCC has helped many VAS students identify their goals early on, giving them enough time to prepare and make their dreams a reality. “If counseling is done later, students may not have time to identify the right career for them or have enough time to fulfill their aspirations,” said Mr. Dung.

University and Career counseling roadmap for students from Grade 8 at VAS
University and Career counseling roadmap for students from Grade 8 at VAS

Parents and students who wish to participate in the program can register for free through:


🏫 Register in person at one of the 06 VAS campuses

☎️ Call the hotline for detailed advice: 0911 26 77 55


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