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Mock trial on prevention of sexual abuse in adolescence at VAS Ba Thang Hai campus

To continue the series of Mock Trials in the school year 2023-2024, Ba Thang Hai campus of Vietnam Australia International School coordinated with District 10 Youth Union, Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association and District 10 Police Department to organize a mock trial on the topic of Prevention of sexual abuse in adolescence for Upper secondary students. 

In the Mock Trial, the students could observe how a trial takes place and gain an understanding of the law in protecting children's rights. Like the previous series of trials, the mock trial took place under the leadership of the Chairman and all participants such as People's Jurors, Prosecutors, Trial Clerks, Lawyers, Defendant, Victim, Persons with related rights and obligations, and Witnesses. 

In addition to providing gender education to students, the trial helped provide necessary knowledge related to recognizing, protesting, and denouncing adolescebbt sexual abuse. Through case details and court analysis, the students also better understood the dangers of adolescent sexual abuse and the levels of punishment for this crime. At the end of the trial, the students understood the importance of equipping themselves with knowledge to protect themselves as well as being fully equipped with necessary legal knowledge. 

Let's watch the video of this mock trial on the topic of sexual abuse in adolescence!

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