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Mock trial on school violence prevention at VAS Ba Thang Hai campus

In order to increase understanding and legal knowledge for Lower secondary students in preventing school violence, in this school year 2023-2024, Ba Thang Hai campus of Vietnam Australia International School has cooperated with District 10 Youth Union, Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association and District 10 Police to organize a Mock Trial on the topic of School Violence Prevention. 

The mock trial was held with the participation of the Chairman, People's Jurors, Prosecutors, Trial Clerks, Lawyers, Defendants, Victims, and Persons with related rights and obligations, Witnesses. During the trial, the Trial Council and the Prosecutor analyzed the reasons and causes of the school violence committed by students and judged according to the law. 

It can be clearly seen that the Trial has helped the students better understand the seriousness of school violence to find ways to communicate and prevent them from this evil, contributing to guide them the life skills as well as improving legal knowledge and awareness of the legal consequences of law violations. The students also appreciate the life skills in building friendly, healthy friendship and have a proper awareness of behavioral culture in the school environment. 

Let's watch the video of this mock trial on the topic of School Violence Prevention!

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