VAS launched the video making contest “VAS Green Ambassador 2020”


Are you fluent in English? Are you interested in the 7th art? Do you care about the environment and the sustainable development of human beings in the future? Do you want to share your perspective and inspire the community? Let’s join and shine with VAS in the video-making contest “VAS GREEN AMBASSADOR 2020” and win attractive prizes!

As a new platform for all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 studying at the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) system, the contest offers an opportunity for VASers to express their standpoints and raise personal awareness as well as to share their solutions to protect and restore the natural environment towards the sustainable development. Joining the contest, the students also get a chance to enhance presentation skills, develop confidence in their creativity, and promote unique aesthetics in producing videos. VAS hopes these meaningful messages will be spread, shared, and will inspire every single individual in our community!


  • Raise awareness and interest of the VAS community on environmental topics and sustainable development goals.
  • Encourage students to come up with practical solutions to minimize harms to the environment and build a green living habit in everyday life.
  • Spread meaningful messages to call on the community to join hands in protecting the environment.
  • Help students to expand their vocabulary and enhance their ability to communicate in English.
  • Help students to develop creativity, presentation skills, confidence in public speaking and familiarize with the 7th Art - Filming.


  • Practical solutions to restore and protect the environment: reduce waste, say no to plastic waste, save energy, plant trees, protect nature and marine/ wildlife animals/ pets...
  • Activities to restore and protect the environment that contestants have been doing (at home, at school or for the community).
  • Encourage families, friends and surrounding people to join hands to implement environmental protection measures.
  • Spread the message of green lifestyle and sustainable development to the community inside and outside VAS.


  • Prizes granted by Judges:
    • 12 prizes for the Best Video of each grade level: 3,000,000 VND/ prize.
    • 03 consolation prizes: 2,000,000 VND/ prize.
  • 01 Audience choice award: 1,000,000 VND.


  • All students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 studying at the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) are welcomed to join the contest.
  • Students can participate in groups or individually.
  • Each student/ group of students can only submit 01 video.
  • Students from different grades are not allowed to form into a group.


  • Participant make a video clip in a form of a Vlog or a short film to express their ideas.
  • Video must be in English (lines, comments, text insertions….).
  • Video must be in mp4 format.
  • The maximum length of each clip is 3 minutes.
  • Video must be named with complete information including: Campus – Grade – Student’s name/ Group’s name – Class (for individual participant).

Example: BTH – G9 – Tran Van A – 9B6

  • Parents and teachers can support Primary students in making videos.


Campus Elimination Round (01.12.2020 – 26.02.2021)

  • 12.2020 – 26.02.2021: Videos are submitted to campus.
  • 01.03.2021 - 05.03.2021: Each campus selects the best and qualified videos to represent their campus joining the System Round.

Maximum number of videos allocated for each campus as follow:

  • Ba Tháng Hai: 12 videos.
  • Garden Hills: 12 videos.
  • Hoàng Văn Thụ: 10 videos.
  • Phan Xích Long: 8 videos.
  • Riverside: 8 videos.
  • Sunrise: 10 videos.
  • Sala: 10 videos.

System Round (12.03.2021 – 24.03.2021)

  • 12.3.2021: The Organizer marks and selects 20 best videos and upload on VAS official YouTube channel to nominate for the Audience Award.
  • 15.03 - 19.03.2021: Audiences vote online. Voting closes at 17:00 PM on 19.03.2021 and is summed up based on the number of views and likes on the clip. Each view or like is counted as one interaction.
  • 24.03.2021: Results are announced on VAS Facebook page


The best videos are chosen by Campuses and Judges based on following criteria:

  • Idea, content (Ease of influence, the practicality of ideas, etc.): 5 points.
  • Creativity in making the video: 3 points.
  • Ability to use English, presentation skill: 2 points.


  • Participants must ensure the copyright to create their videos. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the clips if any copied content of the video is detected.
  • By submitting the videos, participants agree that the Organizer will have full rights to promote the clips on all their media channels such as website, Facebook, newsletter, YouTube...
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