VASers for the Community 2020: Empathy, sharing and the journey to contribute positive values to the community from 4 excellent project groups


The 4 project groups "Swapzz - Come Here and Exchange", "Depression in school-aged children", "Voice Out" and "Lightening Up The Knowledge" at the final round of the VASers for Community 2020 are fully deserved victories. We are so proud of their achievements, not only by the ideas that they have brought to the development of the community inside and outside of VAS, but also by the well-thought-out execution plans and strategies from the future leaders, the global citizens with kindness and a high sense of responsibility.

To make a better society, where people are taught spiritual values and responsibility to the environment and the less fortunate communities, the 4 groups of students developed ideas and plans to implement their practical community projects:

“SWAPZZ – COME HERE AND EXCHANGE”: A non-profit project with the motto “When you get bored, pass it again!”, the 12th graders of the Ba Thang Hai campus will hold exchange markets where everyone can enjoy shopping without spending any money. In this way, we will extend the product life cycle and contribute to reducing a significant amount of domestic waste discharged into the environment. This is also a typical example of a sustainable lifestyle introduced by keynote speakers at VAS TALKS 2020 – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Swapzz – Come here and exchange” – The winning project that was granted a fund of 40 million VND

“DEPRESSION IN SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN” AND “VOICE OUT”: The 2 projects from Sunrise campus which both won the Second prizes with a total fund granted of 40 million VND. The two projects work towards the hot issues of the society: Depression and Child sexual abuse.

For the “Voice Out” project, students focus on warning, raising awareness and equipping children with skills to prevent sexual abuse through 3 phases: Sharing, Teaching martial arts, Voice Out room. In which, the budget is used to organize exhibitions displaying photos and facts about child sexual abuse cases, conduct self-defense training sessions for students to escape when in danger and organize a forum called "Voice Out Room" to encourage students to talk about their cases.

For the “Depression in school-aged children” project, the group plans to execute through 4 phases: Recognizing Depressive symptoms, Doing surveys, Organizing seminars and Hosting the “Speak up teenagers” forum. The fund granted is expected to be used for organizing seminars inside and outside of VAS, inviting professional psychologists and building communication channels for the project.

The wake-up call from “Voice Out” project group about the child sexual abuse, a hot issue today

Having witnessed the traumatic situation of their friends who suffered from depression, students from the project group "Depression in school-aged children" wish to help the young people who face mental problems

"LIGHTENING UP THE KNOWLEDGE": The only project keeps being the top 3 of VAS Community Programme for 3 consecutive years (2018: First Prize, 2019: Second Prize, and 2020: Third Prize) with the fund granted of 30 million VND. After two years of execution, students from Hoang Van Thu campus have produced and given away hundreds of solar lamps to students in isolated areas of the country, planted 1,185 trees in the provinces of An Giang, Son La, Daklak to green up barren hills and create livelihoods for the people there.

Each ASER lamp illuminates, a child’s knowledge is enlightened

This year, the project group is still dedicated to the mission of bringing light to difficult students and expanding with donation activities and giving old books to students in remote areas as a practical solution to contribute to building green living habits and sustainable development.

As a place where VAS students can show their responsibility to the community, nurture their compassion and the hearts of sharing, VASers for the Community programme has granted funds to execute successfully 25 projects with a total value of up to 530 million VND after 5 years. Once again, we would like to thank all students and teachers who have accompanied participating groups on the journey of building and implementing the projects.

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