Extracurricular Programme at Vietnam Australia International School Is conducted fully in English language. It offer students a variety of activities to help build comprehensively their physical, aesthetic aptitudes and basic skills in life, as well as support their core values development.

Life skills education program

The Life Skills Education Programme has been designed by VAS through a wide range of extra-curricular activities to assist students in developing essential life skills that help them deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The programme partially supports the student learning of core values as it helps them develop psycho-social skills that determine their valued behaviours.

Field trips

The school regularly organizes trips, specialized outdoor activities, and social and community activities.


Focusing on physical training, fostering courage and teamwork spirit for students through such activities as swimming, table tennis, basket ball, soccer and fitness training


Focusing on aesthetic education, fostering creativity and skills through art and music education


Delivered by foreign teachers, the Aptitude Development Clubs aim at optimizing the study skills and practical life skills incorporated throughout curriculum