The scholarship offer an opportunity for non-VAS students to participate in a bilingual international education environment, as well as be an award to students with excellent academic achievement.


Established in 2004, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) is a private school group offering K-12 education programmes. At present, VAS is offering education services to more than 6,300 students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 at 7 campuses around the city.

In the School Year 2016-2017, VAS will continuously implement the “Talent Scholarship Program” with the goal of creating an opportunity for non-VAS students to participate in a bilingual international education environment, as well as seek excellent students who deserve to be awarded a 100% tuition scholarship during their length of time studying at VAS. 

Application timeline: From 1/03/2017 to 25/05/2017



Students who are currently studying at public / private / bilingual schools in Vietnam, excluding VAS students

Age: from 6 to 15 years old (equivalent to grade 1 to grade 9 during the school year 2016-2017).

Excluding applicant:

Children and family members of the VAS Board Management, the VAS Board of Directors and the entire staff of VAS employee and teachers are NOT belong to beneficiaries of this scholarship programme

Entry requirements for the Primary students:

  • Good study record in all the subjects (school year 2015-2016)
  • Achievements in academic competitions, talent, etc. … (if any)
  • Participation in team activities and/or social activities (if any)

Entry requirements for Secondary students:

  • Academic record: Excellent (SY2015-2016 and semester 1 of SY2016-2017)
  • Ethics record: Good (SY2015-2016 and semester 1 of SY2016-2017)
  • Achievements in academic competitions, talent, skills, etc… (if any)
  • Participation in team activities and/or social activities (if any)


Round 1 - Application for Selection Process 

  • Fill in the application form and submit the attached documents to the following page.
  • All attached documents must include a copy of the original together with the most recent picture of the student (taken within 6 months).
  • Deadline for submission: From 01/03/2017 to 25/05/2017
  • Candidates with the most outstanding achievements will be selected for Round 2 - Written English Test
  • Round 1 Results will be announced on

Round 2 - Written English Test 

  • Date: 16 June 2017
  • Students will take the written English test at VAS
  • The 30 best candidates  will be selected for Round 3 - Interviews
  • Round 2 results will be announced on on 13 June 2016

Round 3 - Interviews

  • Date: 30 June 2017
  • 30 candidates will attend interviews with the VAS Academic Council, expectedly on 30 June 2017 


Scholarship result:

  • - Two (02) of the best students (01 Primary and 01 Secondary student) will be granted 02 full time Scholarships for 100% of the tuition fee, one for each beginning of the SY 2017-2018
  • - Round 3 results will be announced on
  • - The Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony will take place in July 2017
  • - Scholarship will be applied for education pathway: National Programme and Cambridge Academic Programme


The full time scholarship of 100% of the tuition fee will be granted from the time the student begins studying at VAS until their graduation with the terms and conditions that students must maintain excellent academic report for the following school year and proactively join in social activities as well as join in competitions within the school system/ District/ City/ Nation and gain achievements at those competitions. 


VAS 2017 Talent Scholarship Result Announcement

VAS 2017 Talent Scholarship  Organizing Board would like to extend our congratulations  to the two best students who did outstandingly well at the selection rounds to win the scholarships of 100% tuition fee for SY2017-2018 at VAS. Please see the results here 

The students will continue to be granted with the scholarships for the coming year(s) to study National Programme & Cambridge Academic Programme at the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) if, as described by the terms & conditions, they maintain excellent academic results and good ethics. They are also required to actively participate and win prizes in competitions and contests held at school, district, city, and national levels as well as take the lead in other social and community activities.

The Organizing Board

Result Announcement of Round 2 – VAS Talent scholarship 2017

Result Announcement of Round 2 – VAS Talent scholarship 2017. Please see the result here

Round 3 – Please see below for the details on the Interview by the Examination Board:

Venue: Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), 594 Ba Thang Hai, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC

  • Date and time: Jun 30th, 2017. Specific time will be informed to each student

Notes for interviewees:

  • Be present 30 minutes before the interview time
  • Please bring your related documents (with photo) for identity check

The results for round 3 will be announced in the first week of July.


Ready to win a scholarship

Outstanding academic results

Students should strive for exellent academic results. By accumulating as many A’s, A+’s  as possible, the students will easily get attention from an Admissions Council. Outstanding achievements in studying depends on their efforts and more importantly, the guidance of skillful teachers, who are also dedicated and posses effective teaching methods.

Academic English ability

Entering the Assessment of English, students will need a good foundation in English. At different ages, students will have different kind of tests to evaluate their English proficiency. Admissions Councils will assess their qualifications, comparing them to the certain age group to select the 30 best students out of 300. Students need not worry about competing with the older ones because the Admissions Council will base their decision on the students' level within a comparable age range, along with other performance related results that they will consider. However, the ability to speak English fluently, pronounce their words correctly and being confident are great points to help them conquer the later interview.

To achieve this, the student would need to be familiar with English at the early age. The best learning environment requires a constant communication in English, helping them to practice their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.

Once students gain a scholarship, VAS is the ideal environment for them to improve their academic English abilities so as to get scholarships in other worldwide famous colleges and universities.

Proactively participate in volunteer & extracurricular activities

The schools which grant scholarships often favor the students that actively participate in activities such as physical training, developing skills in music, painting, badminton, table tennis, etc...and actively join volunteer activities, community programs or charitable fund-raising activities to develop themselves.

Therefore, along with studying, participating in these activities at an early age is also a great advantage. If the students take a leadership role, initiating and achieving awards in these activities, they are more likely to receive the goodwill of the Admissions Council.

Training soft skills

Those soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, respondent skills, analyzing skills, problem solving skills, etc...are especially important when it comes to the interview with the Admissions Council. Even when entering a modern learning environment in another country, analyzing and studying skills are the keys to helps the students quickly fit in.

Besides, students should practice at home by speaking in front of a mirror or talking to parents and other family members. Do not just focus on academic knowledge, the understanding of the socio-economic situation of both Vietnam and the world will be helpful for students to strengthen their confidence with the Admissions Council.

(From Vietnam Australia International School)


Ban Tổ chức Chương trình học bổng Tài năng VAS 2016 thông báo Danh sách thí sinh thi vòng 2 tại đây 

Vòng 2 – Đánh giá năng lực Anh ngữ sẽ được tổ chức với thời gian và địa điểm như sau:

  • Địa điểm thi: Trường Dân lập Quốc tế Việt Úc (VAS), địa chỉ 594 Đường Ba Tháng Hai, Phường 14, Quận 10, TP.HCM
  • Giờ thi: 9:00 – 10:30 ngày 14/06/2016


Thí sinh tham dự Vòng 2 lưu ý:

  • Thí sinh có mặt 30 phút trước giờ thi.
  • Thí sinh khi đi dự thi mang theo sao y bản chính Học bạ NH2014-2015, NH2015-2016, các chứng chỉ tiếng Anh (nếu có), các chứng nhận thành tích khác (nếu có). Trường hợp các hồ sơ đã nộp trực tuyến trong vòng 1 không chính xác so với bảng sao y thì thí sinh sẽ bị loại khỏi vòng 2.
  • Thời gian dự kiến Vòng 3– Phỏng vấn trực tiếp: 17/06/2016


Ban Tổ chức


Ban Tổ chức Chương trình học bổng Tài năng VAS 2016 thông báo Danh sách thí sinh thi vòng 3 tại đây 

Vòng 3 – Phỏng vấn với Hội đồng Chuyên môn VAS sẽ được tổ chức với thời gian và địa điểm như sau:

  • Địa điểm thi: Trường Dân lập Quốc tế Việt Úc (VAS), địa chỉ 594 Đường Ba Tháng Hai, Phường 14, Quận 10, TP.HCM
  • Ngày thi: ngày 17/06/2016

Thí sinh tham dự Vòng 3 lưu ý: Mang theo giấy tờ liên quan để đối chiếu thí sinh tham gia phỏng vấn đúng với thí sinh trong danh sách của Ban tổ chức.

Ban Tổ chức

Notification of time extension for scholarship application

Please informed that the deadline for applying for VAS Talent Scholarship in 2016 will be extended to 25 May 2016 in order to continue to create more opportunities for Non-VAS students. The time schedule of other rounds will be changed as below:


Date: 11 June 2016


Date: 17 June 2016

Students can apply directly at the following site


Ban Tổ chức Chương trình Học bổng Tài năng VAS 2016 xin thông báo kết quả và chúc mừng hai thí sinh đã xuất sắc vượt qua các vòng thi để đạt được Học bổng 100% học phí tại VAS NH2016-2017 tại đây 

Học sinh được tiếp tục cấp học bổng trong suốt thời gian học tập theo Chương trình Giáo dục Quốc tế Cambridge và Chương trình Giáo dục Quốc gia tại Hệ thống trường Dân lập Quốc tế Việt Úc (VAS) khi duy trì thành tích học tập và hạnh kiểm tốt theo quy định của Chương trình Học bổng.

Trân trọng.

Ban Tổ chức


In order to encourage outstanding students and to enable them to participate in an international education environment, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) officially presents "VAS Talent Scholarship 2016" for students who haven’t or are not already enrolled at VAS. Accordingly, VAS will award 2 scholarships for 2 best students in the application process.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition, applied to each school year that the students study at VAS if they maintain good academic results as prescribed. To receive a scholarship, students must be evaluated to be the best candidates during the application process by the VAS Admissions Council, based on an excellent academic and extracurricular performance, aptitude tests, essay writing and a direct interview. The scholarship will officially launch from 04/2016 for the school year of 2016-2017.

Students can register at

Established in 2004, VAS has confirmed its position as an excellent education system which constantly develops. We equip students with a solid foundation through the harmonious combination of the National Education Program and the Cambridge International Education Program to help them succeed in their higher grades and in life, while preserving the traditional values ​​of Vietnam. Currently, VAS has more than 5,000 students enrolled at six branches in HCMC. Launching in July 2016, VAS will put into operation a new branch named Garden Hills Mega Campus in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City with a studying environment and facilities built to international standards where we expect to welcome 2,000 new students in the coming academic school year.


Can VAS students apply for scholarship?

No, the scholarship program is for non-VAS students only.

Can students who are studying at an International School apply for a scholarship?

As VAS is bilingual school educating students in the National Education Programme and the Cambridge International programme. The scholarship applicant must meet the requirements of the academic study report in the National Education Programme.

Can students with a foreign citizenship and are studying at an International School apply for a Scholarship?

If students are studying at International Schools which offer the National Education Programme of the Department of Education and Training of Vietnam, it is possible to apply. Please refer to the Regulations at: for more details.

How many scholarships does VAS offer? How does VAS ensure the fair competition between primary and secondary students?

There are 2 full scholarships offering a 100% tuition fee. VAS will arrange a separate scholarship exam for each group and grade of students to make sure the competition is fair to the individual applicants.

Do the students need to pay the registration fee?

Students do not pay any fee on registration.

What is the value of scholarship and for how many years does it apply?

The scholarship value is 100% of the tuition fee and valid from the time the student begins studying at VAS until their graduation. Students must meet the academic requirements of VAS to maintain the scholarship for the following school year. Please refer to Regulations at for more details.

What does a student have to do after winning a scholarship?

After winning a scholarship, students should contact the Admissions Team at one of the local campuses to be instructed on how to complete the school enrollment documentation. 

What do students have to do to complete needed documents of the scholarship after receiving the results?

Students should contact their respective academic officers and show the “VAS Scholarship Offer Letter” to deduct the tuition fees in the new school year for each payment term chosen by their parents. Scholarships are not converted into cash.