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VAS Green Day Run – Important things you need to know

VAS TALKS 2019: Nearly 6,000 VAS’s students and 12 speakers joined together to discuss green living solutions.

Community Programme 2019 has officially started

VAS kicks-off the “VAS Green Day Run” fundraiser for planting trees

VAS Talks 2019 – Inspiring journey to live green

Lastest Update of VAS’s Official Statement about the Lunch at Sala Mega Campus’s Canteen on Sep 18th, 2019

Green Corner: Inspiring for Greeneration

Spread Your Love - The first Charity Activity of the school year 2019-2020 by Ba Thang Hai campus

Letter to Students on Occasion of the New School Year 2019-2020 from VAS Executive Chairman

Green Opening Ceremony at VAS

Nearly 10,000 VAS students make effort to say ‘no’ to plastic waste

A festive, colorful and fun atmosphere at VAS Summer Fair 2019