education programe
(grade 6-8)


The secondary school from grade 6 - 8 in VAS allows students keep following their study pathway that they pursue in the Primary level.

  • Pathway 1: National Programme & Cambridge Academic Programme (CAP)
  • Pathway 2: National Programme & Cambridge English Programme (CEP)

Secondary National Programme (MOET)

The National Secondary Programme is an optimal version. The programme is streamlined and applies Active Learning Method to maximize positive, proactive and creative qualities of secondary school students via the following activities:

  • Designing notebooks
  • Designing outdoor lessons
  • Production activities

As a result, students learn a series of skills such as calculating, logical reasoning, analyzing,...
The learning outcomes of VAS students are recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and have equal validity with those in the top public schools of the national education system.

Secondary Cambridge Academic Program (CAP)

This is the most popular and challenging academic program in the world for junior secondary students, comprising of 4 subjects: Math, English, Science, Information and Communication Technology. 

The programme continues to be refined to offer students skills for effective teamwork and communication, methods for expressing opinions and using the English language in accordance with the academic context and life. 

At the end of grade 8, students sit for Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint exam administered by the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE) with validity of a lifetime, which enables students to transfer to English medium secondary schools worldwide.

Secondary Cambridge English Program (CEP)

The Programme comprises of 2 subjects:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages by Cambridge English Language Assessment (ESOL)
  • ICT (Cambridge based)

At the end of grade 8, students sit for the Cambridge English tests and are awarded with PET Cambridge English Certificate, which is equivalent to B1 Level of the Common European Frame Work of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and widely recognized in the world.


General information about tuition fees of Secondary level, other fees in details and supporting policies to help parents with financial plans for their children's study at VAS.

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With the view to create a friendly and interesting education environment for students, VAS always considers students as the center of all activities. Vietnam Australia International School commits to comprehensive caring by maintaining the following criteria

Small number of student

Only 20 – 25 students in each class enables teachers to pay close attention to each one. As a result, students understand the lesson better and have no stress of extra class. 

Standardized hygiene procedure

Classrooms, canteens, playgrounds and restrooms are always kept clean and disinfected according to international standards and procedures. 

Convenient Transportation

VAS buses are able to pick up students of all grades in all locations across the city. Our criteria is safety and friendliness. Students are well cared by VAS professional staffs.

Physical care

VAS provides students with convenient and safe facilities for all resting, hygiene, playing or studying activities to ensure their health and good physical development. Nutritious meals strictly meet all the standard of food safety. 

Medical care

Besides the periodical medical such as general check-up, dental check-up, eye check-up or obeity screening,… the medical staffs at all VAS campus take daily care of students’ health. In VAS, there are experts in physchology consultancy to provides students with the most general advices.

Parent connection

VAS pay close attention to the connection with parents. Besides the weekly report, the meeting with parents in each semester allows Vietnamese and expat teachers to update students’ health, performance and psychophysiology.


“Inspire students with passion for Chemistry”

Chemistry is quite a difficult application science. That the knowledge and application of Chemistry is very interesting makes me choose this subject as my main course. And I have inspired my passion for Chemistry to all of my students by the experiments in class.

Ms. Nguyen Thi
Bich Ngoc

Chemistry Teacher

“Student feeling plays a critical role”

Different things affect students’ interest and their ability to understand the lesson, but I think their emotion and feeling play a critical role. Therefore, in every lesson, I always pay attention to students’ facial expressions, sign languague and behaviors.

Ms. Nguyen Thi
Thuy Tien

Literature Teacher

“Good preparation for students”

I think Cambridge International Program is a good preparation for student to study in foreign countries. Cambridge Program is completely different from National Program, we help children to develop logical thinking, critical thinking,…

Mr. Sam 

VAS High School Teacher