VAS donates equipment for 12 schools in Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province

Continuing the Charity program "For our beloved Central Vietnam", from 10th – 13th November 2016, VAS has sent a group of volunteers to visit, survey and deliver supplies including equipment and teaching aids for 12 Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary schools in Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province.

Back Published : 02/11/2016

VAS visited, surveyed and delivered supplies for the students in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh

Tuyen Hoa is a mountainous district of the northwest, Quang Binh province with more than 78,560 people in its population. Tuyen Hoa is located between the two sides of Giang river and is one of the districts that has been heavily damaged in the two consecutive floods in October 2016. Many schools in the district have been flooded and left underwater, in some cases more than 3 meters in depth, thus damaging classrooms, tables, chairs, teaching aids, electrical appliances and computer equipment.

VAS survey group at Tuyên Hóa district

VAS visit helped to survey the damage and the actual needs of the schools in Chau Hoa, Mai Hoa, Tien Hoa, Van Hoa, Duc Hoa and procured the equipment and furniture needed, delivering them to 12 schools. The money raised by VAS teachers, staffs, parents and students (420.160.500) has been used to purchase presents, including 22 desktop computers, 5 laptops,  4 projectors, 3 printers , 50 Kindergarten table sets, 60 primary table sets, 30 secondary table sets, 3 cabinets, 6 Kindergarten lockers, 1 portable speaker, 4 water filters, 1 water pump, 70 ceiling fans and 76 sets of bulbs.

VAS delivered presents to 12 schools

Representing the teachers, parents and students of the twelve schools, teacher Hoang Van Phuc - Head of Education and Training at Tuyen Hoa District sincerely thanked VAS BODs, teachers, staff, parents and students and committed to instruct the schools to use the equipment with the right purposes and the most effective way.

List of schools receiving the gifts from VAS:

  1. Van Hoa Kindergarten
  2. Van Hoa Primary School
  3. Van Hoa Secondary School
  4. Chau Hoa Kindergarten
  5. Chau Hoa Primary School
  6. Chau Hoa Secondary School
  7. Xuan Mai Primary School
  8. Thanh Thuy Primary School
  9. Dong Lam Kindergarten
  10. Tien Hoa Kindergarten
  11. Mai Hoa Secondary School
  12. Tien Hoa Secondary School