A best friend forever


Back Published : 03/08/2017

A mother is the best friend that anyone could ask for. When everyone turns away, she is the one turning towards you. When you trip and fall, she is the one who raises you up and when your heart is full of despair, she is the one who gives you a glimpse of hope.

The day a child is born, so is a mother. That woman is always there but when she hears a child soar for the very first time, she becomes a mother. There is such a special and unique bond between both of them that no one could ever understand but them. You could fool me, your friends and your teachers, but your mom though, she will see right through. She knows everything there is to happen to you, and when that one of a kind smile brightens her face, all worries and fear seem to fade away.

Have you ever hugged your mother or kissed her in public, if so, you must have felt absolutely embarrassed. But the fact that everyone is laughing at you does not take away how much you truly love your mother.

From the day we learn to ride bikes to the day we graduate school, every kid in this whole wide world says these six words that they know from deep down weren’t true: “You can let go now, mom!”.

But the truth is we still want them to hold on, to help us because we are not ready to do it on our own.

Have you ever thought that your mom is the worst person in the world? I did, and I wished that had not. Your mother loves you more than she loves herself, she only yells at you because she wants you to get better. If a mother hates her child, that is not a mother anymore.

She is willing to do everything for you. She would deny a year of happiness to avoid an hour of pain to you. She could starve to get you full. She could even die to save your life.

Thinking about it, there will be days ahead you that no light is left behind where all hopes are gone, but the most devastating day in your life is the day you lose your mother.

Even when you are all grown up, when you learn to be the strongest, maybe your only wish is to hear her voice and to hug her. No matter how mature you are, you will feel like a helpless child, weak and unprotected. You will feel embitter when remembering the times that you hurt her feelings, you won’t live light hearted if you made her cry.

And when you beg her soul to forgive you, all, will be pointless. Your conscience won’t have a second of piece, her kindwill imprison your soul… Motherhood is a sacred thing. It is truly shameful for someone who disparages it.

There is only one word which has enough meaning to describe a mother: “Sacrifice”.

She had sacrificed a lot of things when you were born: Her freedom, her strength, her youth. But she couldn’t be happier when she saw her little boy grow up everyday.

In conclusion, everyone has a best friend, and everyone has the friends that they call best friends forever, but for me, no one is better than my mother.

She has been there from my first breathe and, I will be there for her last. No matter what happens she will always be there full of forgiveness and provide a shoulder I can cry on. We will always be hand in hand to overcome all the difficulties in our life. Because a mother is the best friend that anyone could ever ask for.

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