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Back Published : 08/03/2017

I'm Anh Phuong and I study in class 6.2 at Vietnam Australia International School. My school is very nice. The space is large and comfortable for outdoor activities.

In our school, we study different subjects. Each subject helps us learn new things. We do not only sit in class to study, but our teachers also create fun games and organize events for us to join in. I really love Science! I can go to the lab and do experiments with chemicals. It's a kind of challenges but interesting. We do exercise every week. My school has many court yards for us to play sports. I enjoy playing badminton with my friends in P.E class. There are some gardens in my school too! Trees, flowers and vegetables are being looked after by our hands. Every student waters them in turn so we have made a gorgeous garden together. Besides that, there are many clubs offered to us and all of us can join to develop our skills. On holidays students can practice and perform many songs and plays on the stage or decorate our classes to get amazing prizes. Our teachers at VAS are friendly and helpful. When I fail, they help me get over and open new doors for my future. On every step I go, my teachers are next to me and always beside me. I used to learn from my teacher's lesson: "You'll never learn if you don't make mistakes". That is what I remember till now; it makes me realize I never give up when I make mistakes. I used to make many mistakes and got low scores, my teachers helped me a lots because they knew my problem and help me fix it. Now I remember on the first day at school, my feeling was awkward. Seeing strange faces and things that even I had never known, but I tried to make friends with them. Then, we worked, ate, drank and shared things together. As time past without notice, our friendship has got better and very close. In my school, there are 7 core values built for students to follow that I'm really proud of. The first is confidence, we join contest of eloquence to speak our ideas in front of everyone. You must be very confident and believe in yourselves. Although this is a kind of hard thing, it inspires many students who never open their mind into the world. To understand others, you must respect them, listen and share your opinions. Be respectful to everyone which will make you feel super happy. I can know every student’s feeling. We always want to see our parents’ smile and proud of our achievements. Integrity is important too. In our life, you must be honest to gain trust. At school, playing fair is important doesn't matter if you loose or win. When you are going on camping trip, you need teamwork. Teamwork can help you do things faster and better because each person has a different talent so when we gather our talent together, it makes perfection. Although my school is an international school, that doesn't mean we forget where we come from. VAS students are national pride, in history lessons we feel proud of knowing our ancestors who built, fought and brought a wonderful life to us through wars. Many people sacrificed their lives for country so that now we live in peace. And the last core value is passion. We always have passion about something that we like and it's burning in our heart. We want to discover and explore what we feel curious about.

         I love my school so much!

         I learn many useful lessons from my school and I will bring them as my life’s lessons.

         VAS is a great place, inspires me to do many things and helps me reach to a brilliant future.

Nguyễn Ánh Phương – 6.2

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