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Back Published : 03/08/2017

The thing that we all have in common is a family. What would we do without them, families are everything to the whole world. Everyone grew up with one, had happy, funny, sad, angry and scary memories about their family. Most of them were happy and peaceful memories right? For me being thankful to our parents and family is a very cherishing and important moment because we would never be in this world without our family.

The love of family and admiration from friends is much more important than wealth and privileges. Family takes care of us, together, we laugh, we talk and understand each other. We not just look at the past but look to the future as well. No one gets left behind or forgotten, all family memories are to be cherished forever. Everyone has memories they never want to forget for the rest of their lives. I remember the times when me and my own family traveled to other countries and learned new things. We had many beautiful memories and shared happiness together. Memories are not the key to the past but to the future. Happy memories are like stones, which stand time and distance. Maybe our family sometimes isn’t how we dream it will be but you don’t choose your family because they are God’s gift to you as you are to them.  Every day you bond closer and closer with your family to know and learn more about who we are and where we came from. I really love respecting them because it helps myself understand my family. There is nothing more important than how we express our feelings to our family. It’s important to me because we must show how we are understanding to our family. When families are strong and stable, children show higher levels of wellbeing and positive outcomes. I know that nobody has a perfect life or family, sometimes we want something like money but our parents don’t accept it then we get angry but the one thing we must know is our parents are just protecting and helping us not hurting us. Maybe we need to see what we have in our hearts is how we should treat our parents. Find a way to know what your parents need from you. Make an adventure, be forever your parent’s beloved and precious child. You should know, time files when you grow up. Spend your time now with your family, you won’t have time when you’re so grown up. The thing that makes us so special is our family and our common desire for a better future. No matter what happens in our family, we all want the same things for it, which is happiness, health, prosperity and a bright future.

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