My reflection from the trip to Can Thanh school for the disabled

Published : 15/05/2017

Good afternoon everyone,
I had never felt pleased with what I have and always envied other people until I went to Can Thanh School for the disabled. After that day, I know that I should stop to reflect on myself, on my surroundings, and on what I have. That day really awoke me from illusion.


We started very early. The bus drove us on big streets with many buildings, and villas on both sides before driving on a rough road leading to the school. Suddenly, I felt a pain in my heart. I asked myself, “The school is located on such road?!’’ When I got off the bus, I could not believe in my eyes. In front of me was a school with rotted walls which seemed to be about to collapse. The scene made me stand still for a while, making my heart ache. Entering inside, I saw the disabled pupils dancing and playing innocently. Their eyes were bright and seemed to be filled with a wish “Please let me become a normal person’’.
The school, no matter how terrible the conditions are, is the place to shelter and nurture their skills, their dreams, and their strong wills. I really want to stay longer with them to share my happiness and to encourage them: “Try your best, don’t ever give up until you have fulfilled your dreams.’’

That was the first time I have felt strong happiness. I realize how lucky I am to be born as a normal person in a happy family. I feel proud of myself for being able to support them financially. From the trip, I learned to be sympathetic, tolerant, and kind.
 Phạm Hoàng Tiên - Class 5.4, Sunrise Campus, VAS, Feb 23rd 2017