VAS, my second home


Back Published : 03/08/2017

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.” (Maggie Gallagher) When I first started my job as primary teacher of grade 5, I used to have that thinking across my mind. Managing selective course books of Cambridge to teach Maths, I repetitiously coped with obstacles in transferring the quintessential contents to students and that bookmarked the hardest time of struggling to find out an innovative method to become a great teacher or stop to be the mediocre.

Through discussions with professional and experienced colleagues and getting direct support from supervisors who are primary program leaders, especially spending time with 2 formal observations in a school year, I have been improving steadily and firmly every day. Dating back to the first time I spent through with children, I was quite new to everything and to them but great opportunities that VAS has brought to both teachers and students are indispensable and undeniable. The school is always a great channel to communicate between parents and teachers, important parents meeting are useful for our teachers to listen and understand what parents and their children want. “A loving heart is the truest wisdom” and every single day I’m teaching here, seeing many gorgeous smiles of students, receiving warm coordination of friends and staffs, tirelessly developing my professional teaching skills, all of which are real mentors to motivate me. The more I teach, the more I treasure the time working with people here. A lot of lessons that I can find nowhere but at VAS and most of them are for my students. Children are different characteristics and whatever background they are from, they deserve to achieve the best at VAS. Just by looking at their delighting faces in class and seeing how they are engaged in my lesson, I can feel that my effort and contribution are worth. In my class, Maths is totally an interesting subject that can arouse a lot of positive emotions and direct children to acquire 7 core values to an appropriate level. I always encourage them to fearlessly express their opinions no matter how accurate the answer is, as confidence is one of the most important factor to them. I believe that they can grow much bigger and conquer new horizon of knowledge if they strongly believe in themselves. Spending 2 years teaching at VAS, I realized the fact that VAS students are growing up much more rapidly than what I can expect from them, they are more sociable and mature, more skillful and especially more passionate after each time working together. They love to understand lessons through group work and activities in class, they are able to build up a strong relationship with friends and teachers through thick and thin, their teamwork spirit is boosted every single day learning at VAS, their passion and excellence are nurtured carefully. I still remember how proud I am when I first implemented classroom management tools and terms of agreement to my 3rd graders and they perfectly adhered to it. Another value which has been found in me and them is when we respect our students and find a mutual voice between us and them, we earn their respect without conditions. When we put all of our effort into designing a good lesson and generating their inspiration, we are definitely teaching them how responsible they should be at work. All of values such as confidence, teamwork, passion, excellence, respect, responsibility are not much difficult to find but right implied in each lesson that we teach and in each action that we are a role model for students. Consequently, we, teachers, should bear in mind that we are mirrors that students can reflect themselves. I still remember clearly the day that a parent came to class in the occasion of mid-autumn festival to give me a box of moon cakes with lots of compliments. She said her child kept talking about me at home and that I took care of him a lot in class. That is a surprising moment for me because he seems to be less easy to share in class, from which I also recognize that love and care from our teachers have a great impact on our young children mind. “What comes from the heart goes to the heart”. Last but not least, if there is one thing that makes me proud of most, I would say that is what I’m doing now, training an elite generation of Vietnamese people at VAS. I do believe that not only me but also my students share the same national pride, living in the same dream of enriching our mother country and becoming global citizens.

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