A festive, colorful and fun atmosphere at VAS Summer Fair 2019

Published : 16/07/2019

Let’s look back on the intense competitions, exciting games, impressive exhibitions and exciting and unique performances by little stars from the VAS Summer Camp 2019!

After 5 weeks of experiencing of various activities at the Summer Camp, the Summer Fair with the theme, "Choose your summer, choose your own adventure", is held to mark the growth of students. At the fair, students were challenged with physical strength, intelligence, art and talent activities. The Fair also aimed to increase students’ energy levels so they would be ready to go on a one-week exploratory camp in Vung Tau, Thailand and Japan!

Additionally, the Fair was a dynamic and rewarding playground to strengthen family bonds by engaging all family members to connect and overcome interesting physical, intellectual and talent challenges together; as well as experience a variety of culinary programs and diverse games.

Exciting and unique performances of drama, fashion and dance... presented by VAS students - the new stars from the VAS Summer Camp 2019 have blown up an exciting and vibrant atmosphere to the Fair.

The Fair has attracted nearly 5,000 parents and students from VAS and other schools!