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The first online parent conference of the school year 2021–2022 at 7 campuses of VAS

From the school side, the Board of Directors and homeroom teachers shared the following main contents:

  • Introducing the management team and the teaching staff of campus
  • Updating academic results of students in the school year 2020-2021
  • Updating the MOET programme and Cambridge international pathways
  • Discussing the study plans and the cooperation between the school and parents to support students in the school year 2021-2022


The school actively shared with parents the study plan in the new school year 2021 - 2022

Responding to the school, the parents actively participated in discussions with their homeroom teachers, the campus Board of Management about their children's learning plans, and talked about their children and development trends, which makes teachers well aware of the students and their unique personalities and helps teachers to prepare appropriate approaches and teaching methods. At the same time, the parents also shared their family's educational orientation and goals set for their children in this school year and expressed their hope to collaborate with the school to help the children not only reach their academic potential but also maintain their passion for learning and discovering knowledge. In addition, online learning is the topic that most parents are interested in. Many of them discuss with teachers in detail how to support their children’s learning, and schedules for the most desired learning outcomes.

The highest percentage of parents participating in online parent meetings is up to 92%

According to statistics from campuses, the highest percentage of parents participating in online parent meetings is up to 92%. Most parents think that the meeting has helped their families better understand, feel more secure about online learning and the school's teaching approaches when switching to online.

The school would like to thank parents for taking the time to participate in online meetings, actively exchanging and sharing in order to give students the best conditions to study and practice in the new school year, especially is in a challenging period due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Online parent conferences will continue to be held until September 18th, 2021 to ensure that  the school can reach and communicate with the parents of all grade at 07 VAS campuses in order to maintain the strong parent-school partnership.

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