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12 weeks of active and useful extracurricular programmes

Following the success of the 2016-2017 Extracurricular Program, this year VAS continues to promote more activities on talent and enrichment clubs, enhance their quality, and diversify the courses so as to provide the students with excellent playgrounds and learning opportunities as well as foster their physical health, aesthetic quality, and life skills.

In the first semester, VASers will enroll in a 12-week extracurricular program, with two major schedules including the during-school Internal Extracurricular Activities (at lunch break), taught by VAS teachers, and after-school or External Extracurricular Activities, handled by VAS in collaboration with prestigious institutions. After more than a week of introduction, the clubs, with plenty of activities on offer such as swimming, rock climbing, music, art, cooking, yoga, sports, science, football, and basketball, have attracted attention of a large number of students.

In order to enhance motivation, the programmes take good care of each and every child and encourage them to discover and maximize their capacity. No matter why they participate, whether to relieve stress, improve their health, develop their love for sports, seek for supplementary certifications or have fun after school, they are all well catered for.

The yoga club for relaxation and good health

Being officially launched on October 9th, 2017 at VAS campuses, the Extracurricular Program 2017-2018 has received great interest from a large number of students. They have experienced and got to know more about their favorite subjects at the clubs. A lot of meaningful activities have taken place, from cheerful and energetic activities like table tennis, dancing, swimming… to gentle and relaxing classes like yoga, fine arts or gardening.

Let’s go over a few pictures of the activities at VAS clubs.

The fulfilling activity of planting and “gardening”

Board game – a game of high interaction and strategy analysis

A club of arts

A Science Club

A practical lesson on Henna

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