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Fourteen VAS students win scholarships worth more than 40 billion VND awarded by U.K., U.S., Netherlands and Korea

14 VAS students received scholarships worth more than VND40 billion awarded by U.K., U.S., Netherlands And Korea

   Fourteen VAS students in grade 9 and grade 12 received scholarships for overseas study totaling VND40 billion from prestigious universities and high schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and South Korea. Tran Bach Duong, a twelfth grader of VAS Ba Thang Hai Mega Campus won five scholarships worth about VND13.4 billion from five American universities (Case Western Reserve, Miami University, Augustana College, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Lawrence University). Ngo Duc Huy, a student from the same campus, was awarded three scholarships from three U.S. universities, including University of Delaware (scholarship worth US$72,000/four years), University of Massachusetts-Amherst (US$64,000/four years) and University of Illinois (US$36,000/four years).

Meanwhile, Dinh Ngoc Thy Khanh, a ninth grader of Hoang Van Thu Campus, won four scholarships worth US$63,755 from three U.S. high schools (George Steven Academy, Lee Academy and Brook Hill School) and one Korean high school (Daegoo International Academy). Bui Le Thuc Anh, a ninth grader of the same campus, won two scholarships valued at US$58,725 from two U.S. high schools (Winchendon and Lexington Christian Academy).

Despite the interruptions and delays caused by Covid-19, VAS students won almost 500 prizes during competitions in international math, English champion, English Olympic, Math and Physics ViOlympic, TOEFL Junior, scientific research, scientific and practical knowledge, World Scholar’s Cup and talent competitions hosted by the MoET and the municipal department of education and training.

There are more than 469 academic and talent prizes gained from city and national competitions by VAS students across all campuses

After seven years at VAS, the Cambridge education programme has significantly improved the academic achievements of VAS students whose average grades are higher than averages both in Vietnam and in the world. In this school year, four VAS students became “Top in Country” during IGCSE, AS and A Level (May and June, 2020).

At the A Level examination for twelfth graders, 72% of VAS students scored average results from A* to C

45% of grade 11 and 12 students sit the IELTS exams and scored from 6.5 to 8.0 points

At the Grade 10 IGCSE exam, 84% of VAS students scored average results from A* to C (excellent to fair), 30% of whom scored from A* to A- (excellent to good). At the A Level examination for twelfth graders, 72% of VAS students scored average results from A* to C. In this school year, 1,034 VAS students from grade 1 to grade 8, or 20.3% of the total, won from three to four gold points (absolute points) for English, math, science, and information and communication technology (ICT)

1,034 VAS students from grade 1 to grade 8 won from three to four gold points (absolute points) in Cambridge programme

This is an excerpt from the speech delivered by the VAS school board at the end of school year ceremony: “The events currently unfolding on a global scale also give all of us new views on education. They are adaptability, dynamism and adaptation to various circumstances and all economic, political and scientific and technological changes. What cannot be found in textbooks can be reached only when students are equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge, and values as well as skilled acquired during their school years and real life.”

19 community projects and dozens of charitable activities held by VAS students

Each year, VAS offers multiple playgrounds for academic development, talent cultivation, environmental protection and community activities. All aim at giving students more chances to become mature, engage in social activities and participate in international competitions where they can build resilience, self-confidence, adaptability and problem solving skills. 

On this occasion, VAS also awarded 17 Talent Scholarships for 17 best students across all VAS campuses

The joy and pride of students and parents at the year end ceremony

Every year, VAS offers 17 scholarships worth more than VND1 billion for the best students in each grade and programme. All VAS activities aspire to a common goal: helping VAS students gain more confidence when competing with international friends and win valuable scholarships in addition to academic knowledge gained from both Cambridge and MoET programmes.

Meaningful moments of teachers and students after a stormy school year

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