Education Programme

Overview of the curriculum at Vietnam Australia International School system is designed exclusively for three levels: kindergarten, primary school and secondary.


Multi-Activities Learning Model in Kindergarten help them raise personal awareness, community spirit and comprehensive development.


Two path way National Primary and International Cambridge help students gaining general knowledge, establish and develop critical thinking as well.


Active learning method maximizes the positivity, activeness and creativity of the students through the different forms of learning.

Our Stories

"I just hope that all the experiences that I have had at VAS as a student before will also be the same with what my children are about to take in at VAS. There are so many reasons and factors for my family to continue enroll my children at VAS but I myself am an eyewitness of my decision!"

--Ms. Huynh Mai My Hue

Parents' Sharing

"It is my belief that a teacher is morally obligated to enter the classroom with only the highest expectations for himself and his students, which are to maximize the positive experience. And with perseverance, dedication, and hard work, we encourage all our students to be the best they can be."

--Mr. Robert Gaines

Teachers' sharing

"Every day I go to this school, I gain another experience and learn new valuable knowledge. But as for me, what values most is the opportunity to express myself, to discover and unlock the potential within me that I didn’t even know I have."

--Chu Do Ha Vy

Students' Sharing