About a friend


Everyone has a best friend, the one that never judges you, the one that you can count on and the one that is always there for you. And, me too, I have a wonderful best friend, her name is Hoang Anh. She is also my classmate.

Hoang Anh is a strong, kind and smart girl. She is as tall as me, that’s our great match. She has an oval pretty face and i can’t forget her eyes, they’re like bright stars in the dark night sky that light up the night. She always smiles, when i’m sad or upset about something, she encourages me, gives me a nice and gentle smile. Espeacially, Hoang Anh has long black hair, every day she goes to school, she makes her hair in different styles. She looks cute and pretty in each hairstyle. She is a very inteligent girl, so she studies very well, we always spend time together to do some excercises or project works that our teachers give us. I like to do it nicely and slowly, but Hoang Anh likes to make it fast and short, so sometimes we argue because we think our own idea is better than others. But at last, Hoang Anh always agrees with my idea. So, i think that she always gives way and chances to me, and i feel a bit upset about myself.

I remember when we were 6th graders, there was a girl in the next class that made friends with Hoang Anh, and at breaktime, she always told Hoang Anh to go with her to chat and hang out. And day by day, they became real best friends.  Hoang Anh used to hang out and play with me at lunch time or break time, but during that time she hung out and chatted all time with that girl. I said to myself that it was impolite and selfish that I just kept her for me. I knew that she’s my best friends, but she needed to have time for her own. One afternoon, I couldn’t handle any more to see my bestfriend laugh, chat, share secrets, listen to music or do something together with that girl, so I said to Hoang Anh impolitely,”If you like her, then play with her. You think that i don’t know, you tell her our secrets and even our best friend code! What is wrong with you? If you don’t want me to be your best friend, then say it, don’t act that way!”I think that time, Hoang Anh looked at me with a big surprise and slowly, her face turned sad and then angry, she shouted at me,” I like you, but i like her too! She is nice and..and good! I don’t not think a best friend can shout to her best friend like that! Fine, I told her our codes because she told me lots of her secrets! And that’s fair, you don’t want our friendship to be good, then fine, I don’t want you anymore...”I didn’t know why my tears suddenly rolled slowly and gently along my cheek then to my chin, i used my hand to wipe it off. I think Hoang Anh saw that, but she seemed like she didn’t care, so I shouted that our frienship was ended from now. And...we didn’t talk to each other, even didn’t look at each other. Each of us have our own “selfish box” and once it opens it’s hard to close. That day, everything was boring to me, no fun, sad and full of disapointment. Then, i relized that missing her was like missing something important in my heart. I needed to say sorry. But I was quite shy, so I wrote her a letter. I waited until the next day came, I went to school earlier than any other days to wait for her. But when I went to the class, I saw her standing in front of the door and looking at me with her bright eyes, I looked away and pretended that I didn’t see her, slowly walked into the class, but when I passed her, she suddenly held my hand and pulled me back gently, then quickly, she walked to the hallway, I pretended: ”Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” and she said like she knew the answer before: ”I’m getting my best buddy back. Is that annoying you? Huh?”. Then we hugged each other, I said,” I’m sorry for being so selfish that I didn’t let you play with other friends...”, she shoke her head and said: ”No, you’re right. I’m the one that needs to say sorry, I was too inconsiderate not to mind about my best friend crying because of me..So, I’m sorry, I hope you’ll forgive me, best friend for ever and ever?”, she asked. “For ever and ever”, I replied. We all laughed and walked into the class. By that time, I knew that I needed to let her be free to play with and care for other people too.

I hope that our friendship will never end. Hoang Anh a nice and kind girl, so I hope she will be sucessful in future. And now I want to thank you all for reading my long essay.

Nguyễn Vũ Trâm Anh – 7.2

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