Design Technology Center Technician


Position Objective: A VAS teacher is a role model for every member of the VAS community, and uses a range of strategies to encourage a life-long love for learning and the acquisition of transferrable skills in his/her students.

Reporting to: The Respective Divisional Principal

Interfaces with: Administrators, colleagues, faculty, staff, students and parents

VAS teacher is accountable for:

  • The level of achievement for students assigned
  • Providing evidence(s) of progress of their students
  • Fostering a safe and encouraging learning environment for all students
  • A commitment to personalized lifelong learning
  • Reporting to parents on the progress of each child
  • Effectively differentiating the learning to meet the needs of all children
  • Using a broad range of approaches for teaching and learning
  • Showing care and empathy for students at all times
  • Collaborating with colleagues
  • Maintaining high standards when implementing responsibilities

I. Job Description

1.Approaches to teaching

  • Know his/her subject
  • Approach inquiry-based and constructivist in nature
  • Use a range of appropriate teaching strategies, including a well-informed understanding of how we learn
  • Differentiate to meet students’ individual needs
  • Use assessment to promote continuous learning
  • Continually monitor student attainment to demonstrate progress
  • Effective use of ICT to enhance learning
  • Effective and thorough unit planning
  • Encourage individual student engagement
  • Motivate students to achieve beyond previous performance levels
  • Effective class management
  • Create a learning environment conductive to learning
  • Actively reflect on their own teaching practice

2. Caring for students

  • Encourage students to ask clarifying questions (before/during/after lessons)
  • Make time available for students
  • Cater to students’ individual leaning needs by adapting content/changing teaching approaches and pacing of lesson/unit
  • Use virtual classroom as an extension of leaning
  • Monitor student academic progress and taking immediate steps
  • Monitor social and emotional well-being and taking immediate steps

3. Communication to students and parents

  • Actively and immediately communicate with students and parents using appropriate tools (phone calls, email, face-to-face, etc.)
  • With important messages, phone call or face-to-face interaction should be followed up by an email
  • Tone should always be professional and courteous. When in doubt, ask a colleague or ELT member to proofread

4. Collaboration in the workplace

  • Value cooperation, mutual support and highly effective communication
  • Promote harmony
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness
  • Actively seek appropriate resolutions to conflicts (should they arrive)
  • Support all colleagues
  • Develop and promote good rapport with all members of the school community

5. Professionalism (link to appraisal: observations, attendance and contributions in meetings and on committees)

  • Demonstrate to professional ethics, international mindedness and the school’s mission
  • Adhere cooperatively to VAS policies and regulations, including duties, deadlines, programme requirements, and HR policies
  • Seek clarification in cases of lack of clarity in order to fully meet all expectations of the role
  • Set and maintain consistently high standards
  • Contribute to the development of curriculum and assessment documentation
  • Show exemplary attendance to work
  • Recognize the importance and support for the VAS extended school day activities
  • Expend effort and energy beyond the regular timetabled day to contribute to the welfare of students and programme
  • Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as requested/needed

6. English Speaking Environment

All technicians are required to encourage and enforce an English-speaking environment for all students within the school compound. No communication in Vietnamese should be allowed during and within all Cambridge and English classes.

7Other tasks

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities and responsibilities connected with others engaged in the teaching profession, including staff meetings, parents evenings, open houses, examination supervision, etc. as directed by the Education Leadership Team of the School
  • Participate whenever the School is involved in wider community activities and do so on good demeanor and appropriate role model and professional attire/dress representing the School in a most positive manner
  • Undertake other tasks as and when assigned by the Immediate Superior and/or the school.

II. Requirements

1. Educational:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher education in a relevant teaching subject from a recognized university or college
  • Have a valid technician professional certification specific to applied position
  • Have a minimum of two years’ experience as a class technician, preferably in an international K-12 school
  • Preferred minimum 2 years of relevant Cambridge program experience

2. Personal and Professional:

  • Possess skills and attitudes aligned to the purpose, mission and vision of VAS
  • Demonstrate eagerness, resilience and understanding to engage and collaborate in the development of a highly aspirational school
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to education and learning beyond the classroom
  • Be flexible and willing to take on new challenges

III. Benefits:

  • Compulsory Insurance (HI, SI, UI) and Personal Tax are covered by VAS
  • Manager will get 100% discount of tuition for 2 children ( other fees such as meal fee, school bus fee, expenses for textbooks, uniforms, extra curricula activities, entrance test fee, ect... are still applied as stipulated)
  • 13th monthly salary and KPIs bonus
  • Health Insurance, health checkup
  • Housing, phone and taxi allowance
  • Year end party, Team building, Staff – outing, 20/11, ….
  • Lunch at school, Tet gift,….
  • Working in professional environment

IV. Application packages:

  • Application Letter
  • CV & Portfolio
  • Copied degrees and relevant certificates (if any)
  • Residence Book & ID/ Passport
  • Temporary Residence Confirmation
  • Medical Report

V. How to apply:

  • Apply online at:
  • Email : 
  • Send your documents to our office: HR Division – Vietnam Australia International School - Floor 1, Block 3, 594 Ba Thang Hai, Ward 14, Dist. 10, HCMC

VI. Contact point:


(Only qualified applications will be contacted as soon as possible.)

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