20 June

20/6 – 11/7: Campus open house

25 June

25/6 – 10/7: Field trip at Happy Land – Secondary school

18 July

18/7 – 25/7: Family fun day



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A Level

A Level Programme

A Level program of Cambride is a 2-years course (Grade 11 and Grade 12) with 2 exams; AS Level in the end of the first year (end of grand 11) and A Level in the end of the second year (end of grade 12).

The program is developed for student after 16 years old and considered as an effective standard step of preparation for student in university and higher education.

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VAS Talent Scholarship Programme

VAS develops Talent Scholarship Programme with the purpose of creating occasion for students outside VAS have a chance to access the environment of international bilingual education. Besides that, we look for excelent students worth giving 100% Fee Scholarship during learning time at VAS. Students who apply for the scholarship will take 3 exams.
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New campus


Riverside Mega Campus is the second campus in District 7 of Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), offering K – 12 education services. With modern architectural style, facilities of international standards together with a staff of passionate and qualified teachers, Riverside Mega Campus is an ideal school for any students who want to take both Cambridge Academic Programme along with National Programme. 

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education programme


Multi-Activities Learning Model in Kindergarten help them raise personal awareness, community spirit and comprehensive development.


Two path way National Primary and International Cambridge help students gaining general knowledge, establish and develop critical thinking as well.


Active learning method maximizes the positivity, activeness and creativity of the students through the different forms of learning.

Our stories

Parents' Sharing

"I would like my children to become a global person in today society. And I can see that education at VAS via 7-core-value system have matched this."

Ms. Huynh Tran Luynh Phuong

Teachers' sharing

"We create conditions for children to learn English in every activity. I try to stay late after teaching to discuss with parents about their children and together make them feel comfortable to learn." 

Mrs. Francesca Flores

Students' Sharing

"I was learning in an international school and I see that English program at VAS is really interesting. Tearchers are quite excellent and friends are so sociable, friendly."

 Bui Thuy Trang

VAS education is built around 7 core values
VAS Cambridge Award Ceremony 2019
The International Education Environment and Study Pathways at VAS – SY 2020-2021
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