Our Students

VAS is forever proud of its generations of students who not only show their excellent academic performance but are also very talented.

Our 7 Core Values


Demonstrating problem solving skills, set and achieve high standards in everything we pursue


Acknowledging other people in our community and be tolerant and accept others as they are or aren't


Developing a passion for life-long learning, intellectual curiosity and achieving success in studies and life


Working effectively and collaboratively, inspiring and caring for other whilst showing leadership and team spirit


Taking risks, be confident in personal abilities and expressing ourselves in English and Vietnamese


Be honest, responsible, conscientious and honor our words

National Pride

Be proud of Vietnamese linguistic and cultural heritages, whilst being confident global citizens.

Scholarships <br> for VASERS


Recognition and rewards for excellence will be the motivation, and more importantly, a joy while students are striving ever higher on their learning path at VAS.

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Student's Stories

Students share their experiences, emotions, love and values which they have received at VAS.

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Academic Success

The list of valuable achievements that our students have gained with great passion through trying their best.

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The community of ex-VAS students connecting and sharing interesting activities.

Student Handbook

The information about the study activities of students, school regulations and code of conduct.

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Student Life

Find out an interesting school day of VAS students