18 projects enter the final round of "VAS Community Programme 2020 - 2021".


After more than one month of launching and receiving nearly 30 participating projects, the Organizing Committee of "VAS COMMUNITY PROGRAMME 2020 - 2021" selected 18 best projects to enter the final round taking place on 10th November 2020 at Sala Mega Campus.

At the final round, the young community activists will have 15 minutes of presentation to persuade the judges to award and fund their projects. Based on five criteria: implementation concept, feasibility and meaning, the ability to influence the community, the ability to raise funds, and creative communication methods, the jury will select the three best projects to fund with a total value of 100 million VND. At the same time, the five prospective projects will also be awarded consolation prizes and receive funding total valued at 15 million VND.

In addition to projects aimed at improving the living quality of the community, environmental conservation, and narrowing the quality gap in education, the programme also received varied projects on student's psychological health, supporting international students, preserving and developing Vietnamese culture.

Let's look forward to the final round and cheer on the spirit of young community activists!

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