VAS TALKS 2019: Nearly 6,000 VAS’s students and 12 speakers joined together to discuss green living solutions.


In the spirit of environmental conservation and building a sustainable lifestyle through the Green School Year Project, the annual VAS TALKS series made a successful comeback last September with the practical topic, “BE THE VAS GREENERATION”.
From the first season in 2016 to the fourth season in 2019, VAS TALKS has held 82 talk shows with the participation of more than 21,000 students and 72 reputable speakers:

  1. Helly Tống – Founder of The Yên Concept, Co – Founder of Lại Đây Refill Station.
  2. Dương Khắc Linh – Music Composer/ Music Producer
  3. Linn Nguyễn – Repsesentative from Viet Nam, winner crowned in Health & Fitness Prize at Influence Asia Award 2017
  4. Lê Nguyễn Thiên Hương – Co - Founder, Coordinator of Action for Son Doong (#SaveSonDoong), Head of Admissions and Financial Aid at Fulbright University.
    • MC Nguyên Khang
    • MC Hiếu Võ
  5. Dr. Nguyen Tri Nhan – Acting Dean, Faculty of Biology – Biotechnology – University of Science, VNU – HCM
  6. Marcel Van Miert – Executive Chairman of Vietnam Australia International School (VAS)
  7. Nguyễn Dạ Quyên – Co – Founder of Lại Đây Refill Station
  8. Hoàng Oanh – Actress/ MC
  9. Vương Trọng Bình – Project Supervisor – WWF Vietnam
  10. Sarah Elizabeth Franklin – Head of Science Department – VAS, Ba Tháng Hai Campus

Speakers sharing knowledge and experiences with students

Not only are our speakers successful in their fields, but the speakers are also active pioneers in environmental protection activities and have many green living experiences. With their enthusiasm and sincerity, the speakers delivered a lot of useful knowledge about the environment as well as sharing solutions that students could apply in their daily activities, such as: reduce waste and plastic, increasing reuse. Most importantly, students can rely on knowledge and solutions being shared from speakers to build their own green lifestyle and become the inspiration for the community to go green.

Students and speakers actively exchange their ideas about green living solutions.

In addition to the passion of the speakers, VAS students also contributed lots of exciting atmosphere to VAS TALKS 2019. At each session, the students actively absorbed speakers’ sharing and they made a deep impression to the speakers with critical feedback and intelligent initiatives as well. Helly Tống – Founder of The Yên Concept, Co-Founder Lại Đây Refill Station, shared on her social page after joining with VAS TALKS 2019: “I am enthusiastic about talking to the students because of the clarity in their way of thinking about the matters. They know clearly about the cause and solve problems drastically. That makes me trust a lot in the next generation. Once, adults give children opportunities, faith, and the chance for them to talk and share, with their inherent intelligence and curiosity, they will definitely be a sprout of viogrous vitality. 

VAS students confidently make questions, share point of views and ideas.

Thank all the speakers for coming to interact and make a good moments with VAS students.

The session on September 27 at Phan Xich Long campus has officially closed the VAS TALKS 2019 with lots of inspiration and solutions for all VAS community to strive to become the VAS Greeneration. See you in next VAS TALKS season!

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