VAS Talks 2019 – Inspiring journey to live green


Following the success of the inspirational sharing series, VAS TALKS 2018 with the participation of more than 7,500 students across all campuses; VAS TALKS 2019 will officially return with interesting stories, enthusiastic sharing and precious lessons accumulated from practical experience.

With the topic “BE THE VAS GREENERATION”, VAS TALKS this year welcomes the participation of not only students but also parents, teachers, staff - all VAS community.

Participating in VAS TALKS 2019 are famous artists and community activists in Vietnam such as musician - music producer Duong Khac Linh, MC - actress Hoang Oanh, MC Nguyen Khang, MC Vo Hieu, community activist Michael Burdge, Le Nguyen Thien Huong, Helly Tong ... They will bring meaningful messages, practical solutions to minimize garbage, say no to plastic waste, protect the environment and inspire VASers to build the green lifestyle of civilized citizens.

This inspirational sharing programme is in the "Green School Year" project that VAS has started to implement from the 2019-2020 school year, with an aim to contribute to the environmental conservation and restoration for both human and nature by practical actions from VAS community.

The series will take place from September 16 – 27, 2019 at VAS campuses. The sharing will be streamed on VAS's Facebook page.

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