Sharing of Truong Quang Phuoc - former Vaser who achieved "Top in Vietnam" 2022 - when returning to visit the school


Phuoc has revealed a lot about the contrasts in the academic environment in the UK, as well as helpful tips to VASers interested in studying overseas.

When teachers and students at VAS Garden Hills hear the name Truong Quang Phuoc, the first thing that comes to mind is his "superior" academic achievement. Phuoc, who joined VAS in Grade1 back in 2011, once got the title of "Top in Vietnam" with a score of 99/100 in Mathematics IGCSE exam in 2022.

The former VASer was also awarded a USD 25,300/4-year scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom). According to QS, the university is ranked 15th among the world's top universities in 2023.

During his summer vacation, Phuoc and his mother returned to VAS Garden Hills and saw the professors who had accompanied him on his journey. The meeting was warm and heartfelt. "I felt both familiar and comforted returning to school. I've been with Garden Hills for 6 years, so this place is full of memories for me," Phuoc explained.

Even though he has just completed his first year of university, Phuoc have rapidly adapted into the study environment in the UK and fulfilled specific goals. Phuoc received a 2,200 USD Edinburgh Vacations Scholarship for his Maths research project throughout the 6-week summer of 2023.

"The university environment requires the ability to self-study, explore, and participate in more workshops and group discussions than before, but fortunately, I adapt quite quickly." Phuoc said.

For VASers who are pursuing the path of studying overseas, Phuoc share his tip: "To pursuit your dream, the most important thing I think is constant effort for what you are passionate about. Most importantly, always enjoy the journey!"