The convincing victory of VAS’s little artists at the 2020-2021 VAS’s Got Talent


Last weekend, the final round of VAS's Got Talent, Season 6 took place with the participation of more than 200 students from 34 best performances of the whole VAS system. This is an annual competition at VAS which creates chances for students to shine and foster their talents in singing, dancing, musical instrument, performing arts... with the companionship and support from musician-producer Duong Khac Linh, choreographer-dancer Lam Vinh Hai and choreographer Nguyen Thi Hoa Trang.

The final round has attracted more than 120,000 live spectators and online viewers via Facebook fanpage of VAS. The voting system for the Audience Choice Prize received more than 5,000 votes. The positive accompaniment and encouragement of all parents and students have made this season a successful and emotional event!

Overcoming many talented contestants from the higher grades, Vo Tran Thao Nhien, 7-year-old pianist from grade 2.7, Garden Hills Campus won the first prize convincingly by her skillful and emotional piano medley.

The winner of the contest this year is a 7-year-old pianist with a breathtaking piano medley

Ms. Tran Thi My Dung, mother of student Vo Tran Thao Nhien - Winner of the contest shared: “This is the second year Thao Nhien participates in this competition, last year she won the third prize. She has been very excited and looking forward to performing on stage. The family found this to be a very meaningful and rewarding contest, giving the children the opportunity to cultivate their talents, learn from friends and coaches as well as to be confident performing on the stage. At the same time, the award that my child achieved is also a great encouragement to help her actively participate in other learning and extracurricular activities”.

The second prize went to the child vocalist - Huynh Cong Nguyen, grade 1.2, at Sunrise Campus with the "Grandma" singing performance. A modern dance from secondary students, Hoang Van Thu campus with the "Disconnect to Connect" performance also won the second prize and the Audience choice prize.

“Noi toi” performance brought a lot of emotions to the audience because of the acting of Cong Nguyen and his supporting teacher

Exciting dance moves from the students of Hoang Van Thu campus with the performance "Disconnect to Connect" not only convinced the judges but also won the hearts of the audience.

The Organizer also awarded the Third and Consolation prizes for outstanding performances such as piano, singing, dancing and performing arts:

Third Prize:

- Dance group, grade 3, Ba Thang Hai campus, "Swalla" dance performance

- Le Dinh Tuan, class 5B4, Ba Thang Hai campus, "Nostalgia" piano performance

- High school band, Ba Thang Hai campus, "Love is an open door"

Consolation Prize:

- Dance group, grade 3, Riverside campus, “Cánh bướm mùa xuân” performance

- Hoang Long & Kim Anh, Sala campus, "On y va" piano performance

- Nguyen Hoang Anh, class 12.1, Sunrise campus, "Wanderauschen etude lit" piano performance

- Trung Khang & Nhat Minh, class 5H3, Hoang Van Thu campus, "Bac Kim Thang" rap performance

- Le Quoc My, class 8G4, Garden Hills campus, magic performance

- Minh Dan & Mai Khue, class 8H2, Hoang Van Thu campus, "Devil's Advocate"

- Primary & Secondary singing & dancing group, Garden Hills campus, “Dance Monkey”

- Kim Ngan, class 5.2, Sunrise campus, "Feel the light" dance performance

- Grade Pre 3, Sala Campus, "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" drama

- High school band, Sunrise campus, "Impossible"

Diverse performances on a majestic and professional stage

Congratulations to all students! Thank you parents and teachers for accompanying and supporting the students to pursue their passion and help them experience a professional competition before competing on the big stages in the future.

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