Congratulations to the best artwork of the VAS Painting Contest 2022


The annual Painting Contest of the school year 2022-2023 was held with the theme "What happiness means to you?" with the goal of bringing students, parents, teachers and staff an interesting art playground and the opportunity to promote their talent and passion for painting. The contest is also a place for VASers to freely express their own definitions of happiness, and unique perspectives on life and spread positive thinking through lines and colours.

The annual Painting Contest 2022-2023 with the theme "What happiness means to you?" received wholehearted participation as well as enthusiastic support from the community inside and outside VAS, the Organizers would like to thank and congratulate the excellent works that won the highest prizes in the drawing contest of the year:

4 FIRST PRIZES (Kindy, Primary, Secondary and Teacher/Staff):

NGUYỄN LÊ LAM ANH - PRE3.2 - Sunrise Campus - Bé Và Những Người Bạn

NGUYỄN NGỌC GIA HÂN - 5.G5 – Garden Hills Campus - Kỷ Niệm Đi Công Viên Cùng Gia Đình Em

NGUYỄN HỒ BẢO AN - 10G4 – Garden Hills Campus - Cùng VAS Lan Tỏa Yêu Thương

NGUYỄN THỊ QUYÊN - Giáo viên - Sunrise Campus - Niềm Vui Ngày Đến Trường!


 4 SECOND PRIZES (Kindy, Primary, Secondary and Teacher/Staff):

TRẦN THÙY MINH AN - PRE3.1 – Sunrise Campus - Bé Chơi Thả Diều Với Bạn Thật Vui Ạ!

NGUYỄN NGỌC KATHY - 2.L3 - Sala Campus - Bữa Cơm Gia Đình

LÊ HỮU MINH NHẬT - 6H2a - Hoàng Văn Thụ Campus - Góp Yêu Thương

HÀ THỊ NGỌC TRANG - Giáo viên - Sunrise Campus- Ngày Rực Rỡ Ước Mơ


4 THIRD PRIZES (Kindy, Primary, Secondary and Teacher/Staff):

NGUYỄN NGỌC QUỲNH ANH - PRE3.P.1A - Phan Xích Long Campus - Bé Đón Tết Sang

HUỲNH TRANG TUẤN KIỆT - 5.B12 - Ba Tháng Hai Campus - A Happy Moment In The Museum

NGUYỄN VƯƠNG TUỆ NHI - 12.B.6I - Ba Tháng Hai Campus - Bữa Cơm Tối

TRẦN LÊ KIỀU ANH - Giáo viên - Riverside Campus - Ngày Khai Giảng Đáng Nhớ


We would like to congratulate the campus with the highest percentage of artworks participating in the qualifying round of the entire contest: PHAN XICH LONG Campus with a total of 130 works, 70% participation!

Sincere thanks to all VAS students and teachers who enthusiastically participated in the contest! See you again in next year!