Congratulations VAS BTH, VAS Sunrise, and VAS Garden Hills on winning the awards of “AIA healthest schools” competition, Vietnam round


In Nov 2022, VAS had 3 campuses joining “The AIA’s Healthiest School Competition” including VAS BTH, VAS Sunrise, and VAS Garden Hills.

It’s great that 2 VAS campuses have entered the top 8 shortlist round of the competition that are VAS BTH and VAS Sunrise, VAS Garden Hills also got the Prize of “Highly Recommendable Entrants”. VAS is the only unit that has 2 schools in its system entering the shortlist in both categories (primary & secondary), and VAS Sunrise is the only school in the South of Vietnam on the shortlist of primary schools.

From this shortlist, two schools (one primary school and one secondary school) will be chosen to be the representatives of Vietnam to join the Asia Round to compete with schools from 4 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong. The results of the Vietnam Final List will be announced in April 2023.

This is the first time the competition has been held in Asia for primary and secondary schools in four countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam, organized by AIA with the goal of attracting, inspiring and raising awareness in the community for a healthier lifestyle.

“Healthy” and “wellbeing” school is also a goal that VAS has constantly strived for over the past 19 years and has realized through many of VAS's school improvement programmes over the years.

In the school year 2023 - 2024, VAS continues to make "Wellbeing" one of the main subjects, along with a series of school enhancement programmes in order to provide students with the most "Wellbeing" educational environment.