The Submission Deadline For “Vasers For The Community Programme 2021” Is Officially Extended To December 3, 2021!


In order to provide students with extra time to examine, research and make an action plan for their proposals to participate in the "VASers For The Community Programme 2021", the Organizers decided to change the submission deadline to December 3, 2021.

The submission deadline is extended to December 3, 2021.


With the extended timeline, all the groups will have more than one month to actualize their ideas. The groups that are in the planning process will have more time to research and complete their plans. If you are still hesitant, let’s brainstorm your ideas to help the community now!

Becoming a school-age “social activist”would be a valuable experience for the student’s growing journey. A programme that brings benefits and happiness to the community always begin with the empathy and sharing hearts of these “social activists”.  

VAS Community Programme, which is the annual programme launched in 2016, has received 202 participating projects and funded 25 projects with a total budget of up to 530 million VND. Some of which were supported by VAS outsiders.

For more information about the programme or registration, please visit

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