An interesting field trip to Song Long tourist area of VAS Primary students


Field trip is one of the experiential activities included in the main course curriculum of VAS to help students practice life skills and enrich social knowledge. This school year, the primary students of VAS had a rewarding and fun trip to Song Long Tourist Area in Thu Duc City, which is also known by its nickname “a small Mekong delta”.

This was a great and memorable getaway from a bustling city

With its theme “A day in the countryside”, the trip was appealing to Grade 1 and 2 with various farming activities, such as visiting a garden and a mini zoo, identifying tree types etc. This was an intriguing learning experience for students to observe and explore the world outside their classroom. Part of the trip included students decorating their own bags that enabled them to develop creativity and nurture their awareness of environment conservation. In addition, students took part in team-building games like overcoming obstacles, throwing water balloons and joined in folk games. All the features of the event created a lively picture unique to VAS.

For students in Grade 3-5, the theme of the camping day was “Exploring a new land”. Students had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things from the trip. They toured different well-known regions of Vietnam including one polar temple, Hoang Sa, Truong Sa milestones, the lighthouse, watermill etc. They practised other life skills associated with teamwork and patience through fun activities such as paddling, net fishing, obstacle overcoming. Moreover, students experienced folk games that are less popular among students today like throwing cotton ball game, blindman’s bluff, bamboo jacks and so on. Finally, students learned how to make savoury coconut pancakes and their own cool drinks with ingredients available on site.

With refreshing air and serene nature, the trip was an amazing experience for primary students. Let’s take a look at their pictures in this memorable trip!