Primary VASers' experiential field trip to Dragon Farm


The Primary VASers gained "Learning - Playing - Practicing - Experiencing" through appealing and rewarding extracurricular activities throughout the school year.

The field trip and practical experience at Dragon Farm helped VASers in grades 1 to 5 connect their knowledge with real-life activities such as growing vegetables and mushrooms, making "bánh ít”, making pottery, and so on.

During this field trip, the students participated in physical activities combined with skill training such as catching fish, riding a swing bridge, and canoeing.

These exciting activities allowed the children to practice their skills while also promoting a collective spirit of solidarity and cohesion.

VAS always emphasizes field trips and incorporates them into the curriculum to create a space where students can learn more about knowledge through real-life experiences. This activity also allows the children to immerse themselves in nature while making happy and memorable memories of school age.

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