VAS Community has donated more than 1.7 billion VND to help students in highland areas of Quang Tri Province


After only 10 days of calling for donation, the campaign "VAS FOR OUR BELOVED CENTRAL OF VIETNAM - THIRD TIME" has received VND 778,740,600 from the community of students, parents, teachers and staff across the VAS system. Apart from donating the money directly to the Charity boxes, VAS students have also organized many other charity fundraising activities such as breaking the piggy banks, selling handmade products, performing music...

Details of donations are as below:

  • PHAN XICH LONG CAMPUS - VND 27,560,000
  • SUNRISE CAMPUS - VND 53,952,500
  • BA THANG HAI MEGA CAMPUS - VND 287,793,600
  • HOANG VAN THU CAMPUS - VND 95,034,500
  • SALA MEGA CAMPUS - VND 100,000,000
  • HEAD OFFICE - VND 55,850,000

Thank you so much for your donation and support!

On this occasion, VAS also adds VND 959,758,341 collected from other charity activities of the school, bringing the total donation amount up to VND 1,738,498,941 which is to help difficult students in the Central Vietnam suffered from the floods and storms. The entire amount will be used to buy necessary facilities and equipment for nearly 50 schools in mountainous districts of Dakrong and Huong Hoa, Quang Tri province.

As planned, VAS representatives will be present at these 46 schools from November 9 to November 14 2020 to inspect the damage and buy facilities and equipment so that the local students can overcome the hardship and resume their learning activities as quickly as possible. The charity details will be continuely updated by VAS in the upcoming news!

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