Green Corner: Inspiring for Greeneration


Do you believe that every small and kind action counts a positive effect on our beloved Earth?

Do you want to start inspiring your friends, family and the whole community with the green lifestyle?

Let’s join VAS inspiring others through the GREEN CORNER Painting Contest! VAS Students will have an opportunity to show their talent at painting and their interest in protecting the environment by participating in this contest. At the same time, students, through their meaningful artwork, can also contribute their initiatives and activities of Green Living to the community.


  • Encourage VAS’s students to develop their artistic skills
  • Inspire and motivate students in protecting of the nature and environment for a better GREEN life.
  • The beautiful artworks will be displayed at the “Green Corner” at each campus and will be posted on the VAS website


1. Participants: All VAS students (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary levels) 

2. Topic: 

Small actions but great significance in environmental protection will elicit the love of nature and strongly raise awareness of keeping the globe green forever. Keep these meaningful actions in GREEN life through this painting activity.

Some suggestions for painting artworks:

  • Express the natural beauty of human beings when they "LIVE GREEN" in harmony with nature in daily living habits
  • Be inspired by the beauty of creatures that are at risk of extinction due to environmental influences.
  • Raise the love of the nature, the ecosystem of four beautiful seasons, and the pristine beauty of the forests & the seas.

3. General Rules

  • Free drawings with any colours and in any paper sizes
  • Each student can submit more than one artworks to the organizer
  • The content must be linked to the theme, conveying the key message and meaning to the audience 
  • The name of the artwork and personal information such as full name, date of birth, class & campus’s names should be included
  • By participating in this contest, students agree that the organizer has all rights to use their artworks to share on all VAS’s media and mass media.
  • Ensure the copyright of the artwork, not copying from other sources. The artwork should be original and have not been used in any other contests.
  • The organizer reserves all rights to disqualify or cancel the prize of the winning artwork if they find out that there is any breach of the rules.

4. Timeline and Awarding

There are two competition rounds: The Elimination and The Final Rounds. The Elimination Round is divided into 3 batches and each batch lasts 1,5 months beginning in September 2019. The result of each batch will be announced 1 week later since the day each batch ends.

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