Primary VASers’ fun and exciting field trip “Guardians Gathering” at Giang Dien Waterfall


In the fresh natural green space at Giang Dien Waterfall Park, more than 4,500 Primary VASers excitedly kicked off an enticing field trip called “Guardians Gathering” where they tried and played to their best in the interactive activities and appealing experiences.

After warming up and getting to know each other, VAS green guardians presented a vibrant spirit and determination to protect our friend the Earth from the “villain” Garbage.

The atmosphere became more lively than ever when the students began to conquer various kinds of physical and intellectual challenges such as “Saving water”, “Cleaning up the environment”, “Overcome obstacles”, “Rescue campaign”…

With ingenuity and unity, classes accomplished their guarding missions.

Being active in overcoming the challenges, VASers also showed creativity through colorful drawings on the theme of Sustainable Development. Although the drawings were not of sufficient detail, the images of little hands holding the Earth expressed that they care a lot about nature and the surrounding environment.

The field trip “Guardians Gathering” is a fruitful playground for students not only to comprehensively develop their practical knowledge and soft skills but also to foster their love of nature and raise their awareness of environmental protection through the story about our friend the Earth and the “villain” Garbage. This is also an opportunity for students to build team spirit and create beautiful memories with their teachers and friends.

See you VASers on the next field trips!

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