VAS Students Raised 115m VND for Community Projects in 2019


On November 14, 2019, the final round of VAS Community Programme 2019 took place with the participation of 18 projects from six VAS campuses. Despite the difference in goals and solutions among the projects, they share common interests in improving the quality of life of the community and the spirit of sharing with those who are less fortunate.

The young community activists have come up with many ideas and solutions to support those with difficult situations such as: hydroponic vegetable cultivation to improve the quality of meals and additional income for lonely elders and orphans, community libraries to help children in highland areas gain access to knowledge and build up a passion for learning, an English teaching programme to expand future career opportunities for orphans, a dream department store selling study accessories to raise funds to support the less fortunate children, making and giving solar lamps to children who are living in isolated areas off the national electricity grid. Additionally, VAS students paid attention to teenage psychological health issues and school violence prevention to support, consult and raise awareness for the school community including: student, teachers, and parents.

Young community activists were presenting projects with passionate.

VAS Community Programme 2019 has also received a lot of environment preservation projects such as reducing white pollution, promoting recycling, and preventing climate change. Through these projects, VAS students have shown their Green Year spirit and their willingness to support sustainable lifestyles in the community.

Besides creative solutions and dynamic ideas, VAS's young activists also convinced the judges with their critical thinking, practical surveys and scientific research. 

VAS Students were describing their ideas and products in detail to convince the judges

Discussing and answering critical questions by the judges

After a thorough evaluation of the 18 selected projects, the Organizing Committee decided to offer fund to the following 8 projects to support their execution plans:
1.  “HP91 - Wings up dreams” – Sala Mega Campus, Grade 10 received 40 million VND
2.  “Light up the Knowledge” – Hoang Van Thu, Grade 10 received 30 million VND
3.  “The Green Reading Corner” – Sala Mega Campus, Grade 6 received 30 million VND 
4.  The projects that received 3 million VND: 
“Let The Box Reborn” – Ba Thang Hai, Grade 11 
“Green Habit” - Ba Thang Hai, Grade 11
“Recovering the Green of Earth with Trees” - Sunrise, Khối 4
“For a Beautiful Friendship” - Sunrise, Grade 7
“Green Dream” – Garden Hills Mega Campus, Grade 9

Victory of kindness and action

With the grants, enthusiastic comments and encouragement from the judges, the young community activists of VAS have become more motivated to bring their projects to life, share with the less fortunate circumstances and improve the living quality of the community.

The process of developing ideas, raising funds and implementing projects are also opportunities for students to practice many important skills for their future such as teamwork, leadership, effective presentation and critical thinking. More importantly, the sympathy and the compassionate hearts that VAS's students have cultivated through these social activities will be the key factors to help them become the kind and responsible citizens who are loved and respected by the community and society.

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