VAS Seminar: “Care for the health of the family: Mind – Heart – Body How to make the family a sweet home”


Family is the first school in which most of a child's personality is formed and determined. Especially in an increasingly changing society under the impact of technological development, the family plays a very important role as an anchor to help children maintain their personal identity, understand themselves so that they are confident to integrate and succeed in a constantly changing society.

In order to partly support parents in the process of fostering a balanced family environment in which the Body - Mind - Mind of children and the whole family are nourished healthily, VAS is going to hold a seminar “Care for the health of the family: Mind – Heart – Body. How to make the family a sweet home” with the participation of Dr. Vu Phi Yen and Representative of VAS Academic Board.

The seminar will take place at 08:00–12:00 am on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 at Sofitel Hotel - 17 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City with the following main contents:

1. Sharings by Vu Phi Yen

  • How to treat yourself and others with LOVE.
  • How to treat our body well in order to optimize the development of the mind and brain.
  • How to FEEL without “drama”.
  • Learn to read and interpret the emotions through body language.
  • Monitor and modify your emotions to regulate the conflict of body and mind.
  • How to CONSCIOUSLY love without conditions.
  • Adjust your thoughts to regulate your emotions better.
  • Navigate your mind wisely to make your family dinner conversations more rewarding.

2. Sharings by VAS Academic Board:

  • Development of personality and qualities for children with the 07 Core Values at VAS.
  • Extracurricular programmes to comprehensively improve their emotional intelligence, social skills, and physical growth.
  • International study pathways at VAS.
  • Student’s care plan.

ESPECIALLY, when participating in the seminar, parents have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts for their children:


  • 1st Prize: A voucher 50% off for summer course 2021
  • 2nd Prize: A voucher 30% off for summer course 2021
  • 3rd Prize: A voucher 20% off for summer course 2021

GIFTS: 01 gift voucher for all payment minimum 20,000,000 VND at the event:

  • 01 Gift voucher of an electronic device or
  • 01 set of Cambridge textbooks (CAP) or
  • 01 set of English textbooks (CEP), 01 set of MOET textbooks and 01 online reading account


  • Up to 7% off for full academic year 2021 – 2022 tuition fee, enrollment scholarship valued up to 10 million VND and free placement test at the event day.
  • 10% off for the tuition fee of the summer course 2021 if the full payment is made before 25/04/2021.

Parents are kindly advised to REGISTER FOR THE SEMINAR at the Campus Admission Team or: ☎️ 0911 26 77 55 - 🌐

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