More than 2,600 participants run to raise funds to plant trees in Can Gio


On the morning of October 13, 2019, the “VAS Green Day Run” running event was held by the Vietnam Australia International School at Sala Mega Campus to raise funds for planting trees. The event attracted more than 2,600 participants and was part of the environmental protection activities under the ongoing "Green School Year" project at VAS.

An exciting atmosphere of little athletes and their families before the opening time

More than 2,600 athletes competed in team and individual competitions at 1.7km and 3.7 km

Although it’s the first time VAS has organized this meaningful event, the message of the VAS Green Day Run, fundraising for planting trees in Can Gio Mangrove Forest, attracted great participation by the community inside and outside VAS. There were more than 2,600 registrations from students, parents, teachers, staff, friends, partners of VAS and the press in the three weeks since launching. In addition to the opportunity to meet and unite with a strong sporting spirit, the event is also an environmental festival with a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Participants took pride in joining together to plant trees to expand green space and supply more oxygen for Ho Chi Minh City.

Start the running track in comfort and confidence

Mr. Marcel van Miert - VAS Executive Chairman led the first group

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Marcel van Miert - VAS Executive Chairman shared: “Coming to the event today, the VAS management team, teachers, staff and I are all athletes like you. We have the same colour T-shirts, the same journey, the same starting point and the same objective; which is educating, spreading, raising awareness and sharing the responsibilities with each member of the VAS community for environmental issues.”

Green roads in the Sala urban area

Share the fun on the journey

He also emphasized the educational mission that VAS wanted to deliver through the event: “I am very proud to see the exciting faces of all students at the moment, many of whom have just entered the Kindergarten. Thank you to all parents for bringing your children here and  accompanying them on the run. Today every student has donated a tree to Can Gio, tomorrow they can build a whole forest. That is also the educational mission that VAS has constantly pursuing – nurturing the civilized generation.”

The whole family ran together

Each participant contributed one tree to Can Gio. In total, the event has funded more than 2,600 trees and this number will increase after VAS combines contributions from partners and donation boxes at our seven campuses. VAS is also working closely with the Can Gio Protection Forest Management Board on planting plans in the coming time.

Green messages on the run

The supporters
The joy and pride when completing the running track and contributing the trees

More than 2,600 trees will be planted in Can Gio Protection Forest after the event

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