A special moon festival at VAS!


As usual, whenever the moon season comes, students of 07 VAS campuses gather with friends and teachers to enjoy the full moon festival. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is more special because it is held online as a result of the pandemic. However, the virtual Mid-Autumn Festival of VAS teachers and students still takes place in a warm and lively atmosphere.

Starting from last week, the students, whilst being at home, were guided by their teachers to make lanterns, draw pictures, read poems, dance, sing and have fun on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the ceremony, teachers and students explored and participated in many interesting activities:

  • Themed Mid-Autumn Festival arts and cosplay performance
  • Online lion dance: The children joined in the fun lion dance that was broadcast live
  • Storytelling on the moon night: Teachers and students together review the tales related to the Mid-Autumn Festival through videos or storytelling activities
  • Display of students' paintings and lanterns together the presentation of awards
  • Quiz for students to learn and expand their understanding of Mid-Autumn Festival

Excititing activitites of VAS’s teachers and students to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Let's look back at the lovely pictures of VAS students taken in the online Mid-Autumn Festival.

On this special occasion, VAS would like to wish all parents, students, teachers, and staff a cozy, peaceful, and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival with loved ones!

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